Advanced Skills with Photoshop Hair Masking Tools
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Advanced Skills with Photoshop Hair Masking Tools

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When an image has to be worked upon for the crowning glory, it can be a hair-raising experience for new designers. If the photographer has clicked the image against a white background it becomes easier to work. Imagine the model in the image having spiked hair.  If the hair is not set up properly (with editing) it may look like a wig. The change (even if it is a hair transplant!) should look real after editing. The hair-masking tool should be able to create the final layer. A few transparent layers will have to be created to make different masks.  With a white background, it can be fitted into any other monochromatic color. The layer can then be colored. But in the initial stages it needs to be clear. With the help of the blend and overlay mode further montage can be created. The next stage involves merging the layers. The tips can be left for the last. Painting has to be done while the layer in the overlay mode.  Some areas may have to be cropped to get the right mix during painting. This part is a painstaking job compared to other masking jobs. With patience the effect can be achieved.

There are several editing gurus who have developed techniques over a period of time. They have done enough jobs to learn the lessons. With new software also the advanced Photoshop hair Masking  tools are helpful. It may include extraction from a portion of the image. The source is important in such a case. This will make the editor realize if the extraction will be possible or no.  If the similar tones exist then the process is simple. Otherwise it is a challenge and will take longer. If the backgrounds are not contrasting then it is helpful to the editor. To set an example, try extracting blonde hair from a white background. It is a relatively simpler job. In such cases even remasking will be needed at some stage. While the editor is working he is able to determine the possibilities to bring the job to the final conclusion.   The wispy hair in the edges may still elude the final artwork. But with the help of multiple masks and different kinds of brushes the results can be achieved. Obviously there is no set formula, but one has to experiment all the time. No two images with hair masking requirements are the same. The continuous manipulation is needed.

Many offshore companies have skilled designers who try to experiment and emerge successful in their endeavors. Frequent samples need not raise the cost structure. A client is retained when such samples are given free of cost. Many clients now outsource offshore photo editing companies for advanced jobs. They are also able to show to the clients various other similar projects executed. This also helps them to put faith in the work. With easy upload, download and tracking systems the brief can be changed too. These are some of the immediate benefits of outsourcing an offshore company

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