Advantages of the AS9100 Standard
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Advantages of the AS9100 Standard

Published by: Lucas Arnold (15)
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AS9100 standards signify quality management systems intrinsic to the aerospace industry. Guidelines for compliance are stringent and require a manufacturer to implement thorough identification and tracking solutions that work in cooperation with many standards for automated data collection. Management is regulated by IAQG.

The documentation of the standards includes a focus on:

Risk management

Production configuration & management

Project management

Each and every clause contains special guidelines relevant to this topic. This mandate also proposes a support system that can be utilized in emergencies. To understand the advantages of AS9100 standards we should quickly review its characteristic features:

The main objective is focused on quality management techniques that will benefit not only the government, but will also promise better customer satisfaction and safety. Quality is a matter, which commands attention and is, in fact, one of the vital considerations for any manufacturing company. This is especially true when it comes to security management. Therefore, in order to meet compliance with these strict regulations a contractor should thoroughly inspect their production line as per existing AS9100 standards. There are several benefits of such a quality management system:

• Performance-oriented investigation to improve application methods

• Certification compliance guarantees better operation handling

• Helps speculate performance oriented risks

• Provides better customer services and reduces audits

• Cost effective maintenance

• Distinct advantage over competition

• Prestigious international recognition

When the ISO: 9000 series standards proved inadequate for aerospace security, the need for the AS9100 standard was specified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). When it was published, it was named AS9000 series. However, in 1999 with the first revision, the Society of Automotive Engineers renamed it as the AS9100 standard. AS9100 standards contain everything that was introduced in the original documentation; rather more extensively. It thoroughly covers issues related to:






Enhancement and improvement of techniques

Cost control

First article inspection

Resources and recordings, etc.

Therefore, it can be rightly concluded that the AS9100 standard addresses all aviation safety concerns and extensively provides original resistance plans. This approach has indeed safeguarded all “risk-probabilities” associated with the quality of products used by the aerospace industry.

Today, there are many high tech solutions to help companies automate their production in a manner that meets compliance and increases plant productivity. Additionally, there are many devices and solutions available to assist in meeting these standards. Blue dog Tracker is a unique, portable device that helps to capture information in-plant or in the field. To learn more about AS9100 standards.

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