Armpit Abnormal Pain May Be Breast Disease
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Armpit Abnormal Pain May Be Breast Disease

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Armpit pain is the signs of a lot of breast disease, so if our armpit has unusual feeling, not as a trivial matter. The ipsilateral breast is close to the ipsilateral armpit, so the blood supply to the breast, lymph reflux and the contribution of nerve are closely related with the armpit.

Such as acute mastitis, the inflammation often spread to the ipsilateral armpit lymph modes by lymphatic, causing the armpit lymph swelling and pain. Mammary gland hyperplasia and other diseases, due to glandular periodic congestion, edema and other changes, causing the breast has paroxysmal pain.

Breast cancer such as breast cancer, the initial transfer is often the first through the lymphatic metastasis to the ipsilateral armpit lymph nodes. And sometimes the primary breast tumor is small, we still cannot touch the lump on the breast, and when armpit lymph node swelling and pain has occurred, patients often go to see the doctors with chief complaint of pain, allowing physicians to early detection of breast cancer. When the doctors do radical surgery for breast cancer, regardless of armpit lymph nodes are asymptomatic, which should be completely cleaned.

Therefore, when people are at middle-age, they have to always touch your armpits, if you feel painful or have swollen lymph nodes, you should as soon as possible to the hospital for further examination and treatment, which is also the easy way to check breast by your own.

For now middle-aged women, breast cancer is a high incidence of disease, which is a kind of staggering disease. In fact, in the early stages of breast cancer, if it is detected early, then the patient through surgery to eradicate the disease. If you do not care about your chest pain or abnormal lump, then it may deepen the disease, so that the final condition will be deteriorated, and to the irreversible stage.

So, for women, we should pay more attention to the changes in our chest. If we have a pain in the breast in a row, or have a hard object in the breast, we should see a doctor immediately. Do not wait until the pain was unbearable and then we think of to see a doctor. At that time, it will be too late.

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