Ayurveda Massage - Giving More Years to Life
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Ayurveda Massage - Giving More Years to Life

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The Indian Ayurvedic massage has ancient origins, its rules can be found in ancient texts that form the basis of Ayurvedic medicine: the Sushruta and Charaka Samhita. Its main purpose is to restore the body’s balance and maintain physical and mental health. How do our treatments; you receive with kindness and serenity, we’ll show you the most suitable to your Ayurvedic constitution and want to achieve that objective, one or two of our experienced therapists carry out the chosen treatment, lasting an hour, after which you will be offered you, and if you like, you can take a shower, get dressed and calmly and serenely continue your day with a different spirit. Here are a few examples of treatments that you receive from us, some treatments are performed by a single therapist, others are carried out for 4 hands, i.e. by two therapists. 
Come and experience a unique and donated or gives a new sense of peace and serenity away from the stress! 

Ayurvedic Massage: Oiling of the whole body with warm oil. Deep cleansing treatment and “rejuvenating“, improves blood circulation and strengthens the tissues, helps in cases of constipation, improves sleep, eliminates both physical and mental fatigue and has a strong action against stress. 

Ubtan: Treatment is particularly indicated for cleansing the face, with specific effects on removal of dark circles - anti wrinkle - Anti-aging. 

Shiro dhara(oil on the forehead): Treatment with warm oil, improves the symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and other diseases related to nervous system. Neerabhyangam: Indian lymphatic drainage. This technique helps you lose inches, restoring the correct balance of fluids in the body. Ayurveda uses a wonderful technique based on the movement of liquids, helping the body to drain them in the correct way. Can be described as a light dance on the body.

Udgharshana: peeling Indian

Cleaning the skin: Treatment to remove impurities from the skin and give new life and elasticity to tissues. Is done with special herbal powders applied and then rubbed on the body to remove dead skin cells, gentle and very effective treatment. 

Muriabhyangam Manipulation of the joints: This technique is particularly suitable for people that do not play sports or who have experienced trauma in the past. The joints take on reactivated movements with gentle but complete, according to the possibilities of who receives the massage. Beneficial in cases of rheumatism, circulatory and stiffness in general.

Midiabhyangam Massage your feet: Very special treatment performed with the feet, effective charge and to give new tone, is a treatment that works mainly on the muscles. Pindasweda: Tamponade of the body bags of herbs to eliminate toxins, highly enjoyable and relaxing. Kayasecam: Oil bath on the entire body, cleansing, rejuvenating and relaxing the body is constantly oiled and massaged. 

Navarakizhi: This highly relaxing treatment is performed by two operators in succession, alternating Ayurvedic massage techniques pindasweda, plugging of the body bags with purifying herbs, to finish with 20 minutes of shiro dhara. Total duration of treatment 1 hour 30 min. 

Hot Stone Massage: Massage with hot stones, excellent treatment to remove the chill from the bones, very relaxing thanks to the pleasant flow of hot stones on the body.

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