Benefits of individual health insurance plans
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Benefits of individual health insurance plans

Published by: Alison Larson (15)
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Daily expenses are soaring sky high each day. This has made it difficult for the common man to handle basic necessities leave alone affording luxury. In such circumstances a medical emergency comes as a harsh blow not only on your health but even on the pocket. Such an emergency could drain you of your savings for a life time. Hence getting the best health insurance plan is absolutely vital for tension free living. Many consider health insurance to be a medical financial aid for families; however, mediclaim is also available for individuals.

Individual health insurance plans are great in case you have grown out of the age limit to be included in a family plan. This ensures that you continue to get a medical cover and reap the benefits of it even if you are not in the family plan. Such a plan is excellent for single professionals who are saving up to have a secured life ahead. Individual health insurance plans have plenty of benefits; a few are as follows –

Cover medical costs –
Medical emergencies can come to anyone any time. Lack of financial aid in such crucial times could lead to late or no treatment. This could be fatal too. Getting yourself covered under a medical insurance will give the security of getting the required medical attention when need arises. The insurance will cover all the cost of the treatment including hospitalization, treatment and tests. As there is no standardization of medical costs in India the amount you pay for your treatment could be Rs. 2,50,000 in one hospital and Rs. 4,50,000 or even more in another. A medical insurance covers these costs for you upto the limit you insure yourself for. Thus saving you from spending your savings accumulated over the years.

Cashless Facility –
This is a major incentive that medical insurance is providing the consumers. Sometime back, medical insurance entailed of paying the money for the treatment at the time of the medical emergency and claiming it from the insurance company later. This involved a long process, delaying the payments to the clients. Cashless facility is a benefit where in the insurance will automatically cover the cost of your treatment when you treat yourself in any one of their network hospitals. You do not need to spend a penny on the treatment.

Tax benefits –
Most importantly, individual health insurance plans are an excellent tax saving scheme. In order to encourage the consumers to invest in this policy the government has provided tax benefits to people insuring themselves under this. Under the Income Tax Policy of India an individual is entitled to tax benefit and can save on tax payable if he/she holds a health insurance. In this way you get the benefit of a health cover and tax saving as well.

Also, it is advisable to get a health insurance at an early age as the cost of the premium is less, plus there is no limitation to the cover you get with respect to pre-existing diseases. Also a few medical policies provide the facility to include family members like spouse and children in the medical plan taken after a few year of constant renewal. In this way you continue to be insured under a health along with your family for life.

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The author is an experienced writer with keen interest in insurance sector. Individual health insurance plans are an excellent scheme to invest in as the provide health cover and excellent tax benefits.

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