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Best IP COM distributors in India

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IP COM Dealers in India | RADIANT | IP COM Distributor company |Wireless LAN |Best IP COM suppliers in India Given the central role that wireless networking plays in the enterprise as well as in a student’s life today, Radiant are best dealers and distributors of IP COM WLAN as they know WLAN expertise is more valuable than ever. Getting a wireless network up and running is no small feat, and all the maintenance and troubleshooting required to keep end users happy can be tricky. Users expect ubiquitous wireless access and often are quick to blame the wireless network for any connectivity issues, so WLAN pros have to be on their toes. Here a radiant distributor focuses on dealing and after sales services for their product IP COM. Users need the best and long lasting networks and Radiant is one of the best company dealing and distributing IP COM wireless LAN in India where customer focus is their main objective because now a day’s what customer want is a service provider on which they can rely here Radiant becomes the best dealer WHY RADIANT? At Radiant Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we believe that the best way to design the perfect product is to work closely with our clients. Radiant Info Solutions can offer competitive solution with the latest product design, advanced technology, rich features and rapid customer support Radiant Info Solutions deliver the network solutions and products of cost-effective, secure and convergence. Radiant Info Solutions offers total WLAN Networking Solution & Equipment for SMB and Commercial Environment. Our Product Line includes complete range of Indoor & Outdoor APs, WLAN Controller, and PoE & Managed. PRODUCTS : IP-COM AP255 IP-COM AP255 Wall Plate Wireless Access Point IP-COM AP265,IP-COM AP265 - Wireless In-Wall Access Point Dual Band IP-COM AP355,IP-COM AP355- Indoor Access Point IP-COM F1105P,IP-COM F1105P- PoE Switch IP-COM F1110P-8,IP-COM F1110P-8- Gigabit Switch 8-Port PoE IP-COM AP625,IP-COM AP625-Outdoor Point to Point CPE IP-COM CPE9 ,IP-COM CPE9-Point to Point Outdoor Acesss Point IP-COM EW9,IP-COM EW9-AC1200 Enterprise Mesh Wi-Fi System REGIONAL DISTRIBUTOR (NORTH) IP COM FINAL DATA SHEETS IP COM IP-COM AP515 IP-COM AP615 IP-COM CW1000 IP-COM PSE15F IP-COM W30AP IP-COM AP355 IP-COM W300AP IP-COM F1105P IP-COM F1110P-8 IP-COM AP625 IP-COM AP255 IP-COM CPE9 IP-COM AP265 IP-COM EW9
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