Blending Fair Trade Tea with Fall Season Recipes To Personalise The Taste
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Blending Fair Trade Tea with Fall Season Recipes To Personalise The Taste

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Some find it a great way to pass the time, while many consider it rejuvenating. For some, drinking tea is compulsory every day while there are people who find tea as an occasional splurging. Whatever may be the reason for drinking tea, there is always a pleasurable feeling associated with the act. Sipping tea creates more interest, if the flavour is varied. Fair Trade tea offers the tea lovers all over the world with drinks that range from types such as organic iced teas, loose leaf teas, organic chai tea, organic tisanes, organic oolong tea, pu-erh tea, pyramid teas and many other flavours.

Fair Trade working by Art of Tea entails some basic concepts where:

  • The fair trade practices are involved in the production, taking care of the land, the farmers, and their social communities.
  • Sustainable and environment friendly cultivation practices are strictly adhered.
  • Fair Trade premiums out to be paid for every items and this money goes towards the development of the workers.
  • People have had knowledge of these plants and the drinks from a very early period.
  • The drinking of the boiled form is common place and Fair Trade has further enhanced the taste due to the best practices involved in production, packaging and transportation.
  • May be due to the inquisitiveness to extend the pleasure of the taste of tea into the food items, it is nowadays commonplace to have forms of fall season recipes where tea is an important mix.
  • Much of this popularity is due to the aroma of the blended tea, while the taste of the prepared recipe is changed from good to the best.

During the fall season, the evenings are pretty interesting and romantic, with trees and plants shedding their brown dried leaves and the aroma is filled with earthly tinge. Amidst such romanticism, there couldn’t be anything better than an afternoon recipe with tea mixed in it, so that the flavour of the tea is emanating from the food items.

  • Many people immediately fall in love with such recipes and make it an important part of the get together among friends under the portico.
  • Iced tea and chocolate tea is a good starter made by mixing aromatic tea leaves with a combination of milk and a little fruit juice flavour.
  • Fruit tea punches are also quite good ideas in such evenings, when group of friends are catching up with each other.
  • Tea cakes are brilliant ideas for evening snacks, when sipped along with favorite flavours of tea.

Whenever people have this drink mixed in different food recipes, they should take care not to overheat the tea or else, it turns bitter. If it is to be mixed with other items, then use of water has to be minimum, so as not to destroy the flavour. Differently flavoured tea leaves, prepared for the use by tea enthusiasts in right mix and parts of ingredients, the ambience of the fall season evenings are further accentuated, each moment finding a way into cherished memories.

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