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Body Piercing Jewelry Proper and Safe Expression

Published by: Jemes Smith (27)
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The craze of piercing the various parts of body and getting unique body piercing jewelry to express your unique style is the content of this article.

We have been told a lot of times that expressing ourselves is very important, else people will misunderstand us. Whether in personal relationships or professional ones, proper expression is needed for that is how you let people know what you feel and what you believe. To expect that expression always has to be in the conventional way is a little wrong, for there are people who want to live their lives in their own way. And not everyone’s way can be the convention way. An unconventional way of expressing yourself can be to wear body piercing jewelry, which can be worn at various locations on the body.

When you are thinking of expressing yourself through body piercing jewelry, you must be of any of the two types – the shy one who feels that the jewelry will speak on behalf of them, or the rebel, for whom jewelry is just another way to show that they love the way they are. Whichever type you might fall under, and even if you do not fall under these two broad categories I have made, a body piercing jewelry is what you need when you want to express yourself and yet not appear too much like a politician. Piercing like in the tongue have found many lovers for they remain hidden. There are many people who like to get a piercing done on tongue or belly button mainly because these spots usually remain hidden unless you are talking or wearing something that exposes your navel. Some safe and yet fun piercings would be on and under lips where you can wear labret jewelry and also on the eye brows.

For those who love to get unusual piercings, you can choose something like a corset piercing. This is a piercing in which there are a number of holes involved. It might sound an interesting idea especially you are fond of golf or pool! To get back to the topic, this piercing involves getting a few holes at calculated space gaps on either side of the spinal cord. The holes need to be done by professionals, especially because they are more in number than any regular piercing and also because there should not be any unintentional or accidental injury done to the spinal cord. Then the piercings are made permanent by inserting metal rings. After this, strings or ribbons are put through them to make a shoe lace like pattern and at the end of it; the lace is made in to a bow.

Such unusual piercings should be done with care and also maintained without letting any foreign substance to damage it or cause infection till it is completely dried. Some people find such piercings odd, but for those who have the courage to go through pain and yet enjoy the process and the outcome, they love to experiment with these piercings.

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