Building Management Checklist for Facilities
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Building Management Checklist for Facilities

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It is the facility manager responsibility to take care of the building. But, since you have a lot of tasks to be completed every day, it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose of sight of what you need to do, especially if you don’t have a team to work and track it. One major task of a facility manager is to keep tabs on workplace projects and overall building management in Sydney. Failure to optimise the building leads to decreased productivity while building failures can lead to increased expenses. While there are many tasks to do when it comes to facilities management Sydney, here is a checklist of important things you need to take care of throughout the day. Energy use Utility cost is one of the large expenses for a company. Faulty machines and systems can consume a lot of energy if it is not repaired and replaced at the right time. If you have to constantly monitor the energy usage so that you can find ways to reduce energy bills. Installing motion sensor lighting and energy-efficient light bulbs, turning off the power strips at the end of the day etc. are some of the ways to curb energy usage. By partnering with the building management companies Sydney you will have a dedicated team to take care of the facility’s energy usage. Space Utilisation Unless you regularly analyse how the office space is utilised, you run the risk of mismanaging the space, especially if you have recently had a big lay off or have reconstructed your office for more seating arrangements. Hence, it is essential to periodically check for empty seat and desks, so that you can create a better productive workplace. Security system You don’t want the burglars to break-in because you forgot to the security system every day. A security system check won’t take a lot of time and can help prevent major loses. The security systems require maintenance to ensure its functionality. So, schedule maintenance regularly. Safety Your building will have specific safety regulations that need to be followed. It is your job to ensure these get handled and the process is implemented as per the safety rules and regulations. Contractor schedules It is your job to ensure how your contractor projects are coming along and whether the ongoing office construction projects will be completed on time. Sometimes all it takes a simple check-in to make sure these tasks are carried out according to the plan.
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