Can You Afford Not To Use Manned Guarding
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Can You Afford Not To Use Manned Guarding

Published by: Katy (28)
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If you run a business then security is something you should take very seriously. Any breaches in it and you can have a serious problem and lose lots of money fast. Some options of security you might have are video surveillance or burglar alarms but these might not be effective enough. These can detect the problem but have no power to solve it. If there is a security breach there will be quite a delay before anyone is one the scene to deal with it. Within this delay a burglar can steal thousands of dollars of product or cold hard cash. However there is another option regarding security, Manned Guarding. 

Manned guarding means there will be someone on the premises at all times. If there is an issue then it will be dealt with immediately. They can also prevent unwanted people entering your building. Manned guarding means that problems are sorted there and then. Your assets will have that extra layer of protection around them that nothing but a living, thinking being can provide.

Cameras can only help to a certain degree. You will be able to see everything that is going on but will be powerless to stop it. CCTV is more commonly used after the crime has been committed and used for evidence. This can take up a lot of time and money. You may also never get back what was taken from you. Burglars are getting smarter these days and finding ways to trick the cameras.
The only purpose burglar alarms serve is notifying someone that there is a crime taking place. This can be effective if the robber is stupid and does not leave instantly. Silent alarms can even be duped as thieves are able to tune into the police frequencies and be warned that way. Thereby being able to make a quick getaway, still damaging your business. 

Manned guarding is one of the best ways to avoid either of these two methods failing and your business being in an unfavorable position. It may be more costly but you can think of it as more of an investment. A big guard will be much more intimidating than an electronic device and will be more likely to deter potential thieves. Decide how much your business means to you.

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The author of this article has an interest in security systems especially in the benefits of having a human workforce by using a manned guarding system.



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