Candidiasis and Alternate Medicine
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Candidiasis and Alternate Medicine

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The inability of allopathic doctors to treat Candidiasis has led people to seek succour in Alternate medicine techniques. Procedures recommended by alternate medicine are slow but they eradicate Candidiasis from the roots.  Candida albicans is the most common form of a yeast infection. 

Doctors using alternate methods of treating Candidiasis have laid the blame for the sudden growth of the disease in America on the unsupervised intake of drugs by the populace. Contraceptive pills, antibiotics, HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) medication, cortisones and ulcer treatment medicines, all of these have contributed to Candida albicans becoming a common yeast infection. It has also resulted in newer and mutated forms of Candidiasis against which normal drugs are helpless.

It is estimated that more than eighty percent American women have a Candida albicans or yeast infection. This is in fact a natural situation if the infection is very mild. The yeast is a food for the good bacteria in the body but the desired quantity is very minute. It is equal to one unit of yeast for a million units of bacteria. Any imbalance in this proportion leads to Candidiasis. The common forms of Candidiasis are oral thrush, yeast infections of the vagina and Perleche at the corners of the mouth and yeast in the digestive tract.

Alternate medicine has become popular with sufferers of Candidiasis because of the inability of conventional medicine to deal with the problem. People have lost faith in Allopathy and no one can deny that allopathic medicines have many harmful side effects.

Proponents of alternate medicine believe that tiredness, depression, muddled thinking and body aches and pains are the result of a gastro-intestinal Candidiasis. Conventional medicine rather puts these symptoms in the lap of old age and ageing. 

Alternate medicine uses diet control as a measure to eradicate Candidiasis. Sugar consumption is totally banned in this regimen for the first month of the treatment limiting carbohydrate consumption to sixty grams a day. A diet rich in chicken, shellfish, nuts and meat is advised. Foods which have yeast as an ingredient are to be avoided. These foods include bread, beer, cheese, mushrooms and tomato puree. 

This diet recommended by the practitioners of alternate medicine is also supplemented by herbs and carefully selected doses of vitamin supplements. This gradual process is followed because of the fear of the Herxheimer reaction. In this the dying Candida albicans or yeast release poisons that trigger a severe response from the body being treated.

The first step in the alternate medicine treatment is the Candida Immune Complex test. This is priced at around a hundred dollars. The treatment in alternate medicine concentrates on dietary control. It is such an excluding diet that most people give up the treatment within a few weeks. It is a very strict diet. 

Alternate medicine introduces Acidophillus bacteria into the body of a person suffering from Candidiasis. The idea is to make the gastrointestinal tract so acidic that Candida cannot grow. Acidophillus promotes hydrogen peroxide production which eliminates the Candida. Other medicines introduced contain fibre in the form of psyllium husk, pectin and flaxseeds. A great stress is also placed on the ingestion of oregano oil. Oil extracts from coconut and olives are also used. Garlic is considered a good antidote for Candidiasis.

Proponents of alternate medicine guarantee relief from Candidiasis through the above mentioned methods.

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