Cardiovascular Benefits of Owning a Dog
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Cardiovascular Benefits of Owning a Dog

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Exercise has become an important part of everyday life for many individuals as, combined with a healthy eating regime, it helps stay in shape within a healthy lifestyle or transforms a person within a plan to lose weight. Concerns over the increasing population of overweight and obese individuals across the globe, exercising is now a hot topic within social circles and the media as regimes and fitness plans increase in volume to provide an alternative to suit all needs, requirements and hectic lifestyles. Although pets, whether it is an animal or reptile, are generally purchased as a suitable addition to any family and to gain additional responsibility and love, certain animals can also be utilised within a cardiovascular plan that is beneficial for both owner and pet.

A dog is a prime animal for any form of additional exercise as their abundance in energy and requirement for walks to provide strength via exercise is a perfect incentive for individuals themselves to utilise the time outdoors to become fit themselves. Although they are not primarily purchased for their requirement to venture outdoors to stretch their legs, taking dogs for a walk in the park on a leash can be a mild, yet beneficial, form of exercise that, over a period, can improve fitness levels to either remain, or get in shape. Aside from walking on the pavement with a dog tied to a leash, there are areas in which dogs can be detached and left to roam around. The bond between animal and owner can be strengthened with the use of soft toys, which when combined with running around with a canine, can be a great form of cardiovascular exercise if carried out on a daily or frequent basis throughout the week. Additionally, individuals can also incorporate their dog on a lead during jogging which is highly beneficial for both parties.

Although a puppy dog is unsuited to extensive exercise due to their undeveloped conditioning, their overall vibrancy and bundles of energy around the house can require individuals to be actively mobile in order to effectively care for and play with a puppy. Healthy dog food is a main component in helping a canine gain the nutrients and vitamins required within a diet to keep energy levels high and allow owners to gain an additional form of exercise.

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