Carpet Cleaning Cork Methods that Industry Professionals Utilize
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Carpet Cleaning Cork Methods that Industry Professionals Utilize

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Carpet cleaning for the beautification purpose and removal of dirt, grid sand and stains can be done by both traditional and Modern ways of Carpet Cleaning. Carpet Cleaning is necessary as after cleaning, carpet are recognized as more pleasing to eyes and they increases the overall look of your home. They seem like they will potentially long last then the poorly maintained carpets.  Carpet Cleaning is divided basically in 3 categories;
Steam Cleaning,
Dry Cleaning,
Vacuum Cleaning and stain removal processes.

 Carpet Cleaning Cork Professionals utilize the modern Cleaning method that ensures that your carpet will be clean as long as possible. Here are some methods that professional utilize in their carpet cleaning job.

Steam Cleaning: Hot water extraction method of cleaning is often referred as steam cleaning method of cleaning the carpets and upholstery. This is basically a 1 stage process in which cleaner will utilize a portable machine and this machine is filled with the solution of detergent and water. Your carpet gets cleaned without the need of any pre-spray or agitation. This is based on the splash and dash method and cleans your carpet without any rinse process but unfortunately leaves the residues of detergent on the surface of your carpet. This method is quit old, almost 20 years old and not used in the modern carpet cleaning related tasks.
Dry Extraction Cleaning: This method uses an absorbent compound and is infused inside and around the carpet through the machines that are specifically designed and with the help of brushes. This Absorbent compound acts as a magnet and it attracts the dirt, soil, oil from the carpet fibers. After the completion of this process you will just need to completely vacuum clean the area that you have cleaned on your carpet. This is probably the most recommended method for most synthetics and natural fibers like wool and cotton.
Encapsulation Method: This Method improves the appearance of carpets compared to other carpet cleaning cork methods. It is mostly recommended in case of cleaning the areas which suffer high traffic. It is also helpful in avoiding the drying time of carpet shampoos. It makes the carpet usable immediately after cleaning.

Bonnet method of carpet cleaning: In this method of cleaning a pre-spray is applied on to the cleaning surface as mist then a round buffer or a bonnet scrubs the mixture with its rotating motion. Machine that is utilized heavily in industry resembles a floor buffer with an absorbent spin that attracts the dirt and soil from the carpet and it is rinsed or replaced in a repeated manner. This method does not come under dry methods of carpet cleaning strictly.

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