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Chef Michael Mina Culinary Master

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Chef Michael Mina was born in Egypt, but moved at a young age to the United States where he grew up in Ellensburg, Washington. While his first exposure to work at a restaurant came from a high school job at a French kitchen in Ellensburg, he didn’t get the experience of working in a fast pace, high quality culinary business until moving to Seattle, Washington. There in Seattle, he worked at the famous Space Needle’s restaurant while enrolled as a student at the University of Washington. However, after just one year at UW, Mina transferred to the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

The Success of the Chef

Upon completing his education, Michael Mina’s career as a star chef and restaurant owner eventually began to take off. After working in Los Angeles, Mina relocated again to San Francisco where he seems to have found his home, as many of his restaurants are located there today. In San Francisco the chef opened Aqua, the first of 20 restaurants that he would eventually open (or co-own). Today, however, Michael Mina is more than just a restaurant owner and chef. He is considered a culinary master, has written his own cookbook, and has made numerous television appearances.

San Francisco’s RN74

Just one of Michael Mina’s many successful restaurants, RN74 located at the base of the Millennium Tower in San Francisco, California offers customers with a delicious dining experience. Named for “Route National 74,” the highway that runs through the famous Burgundy wine region in France, this restaurant and wine bar features both American and French cuisine. Additionally, in trend with all of this chef’s restaurants, customers at RN74 not only enjoy wonderfully prepared meals and wine, but also enjoy an evening of relaxing in the finely decorated interior of the building.

In His Own Words

Despite his stunning success at such a relatively young age, Chef Michael Mina maintains a very humble perspective on life and cooking. He often emphasizes how important his family and building personal relationships is to him, and even has an entire section of his own website dedicated to hosting videos of himself living his everyday life. Other videos feature the chef discussing his philosophy on cooking. However, perhaps all of Michael Mina’s personal videos can be explained through his statement, “In the end, it is all about creating lasting relationships.” Through such words, Mina shows how much he values the relationships he creates with all people, whether his family, friends, or restaurant patrons.

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