China committee member Wangjun said Qinghai created unique sports brand
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China committee member Wangjun said Qinghai created unique sports brand

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China national committee member, the state general administration of sport and the deputy director Wangjun accept our correspondent. He said many provinces envy “down lake shore“ and “down lake shore“ for the issue of lottery overall efficiency, also wish to do the road cycling, and it can enjoy sports administration to give special policies. Wangjun said, Qinghai sports results gave the impression that under difficult circumstances and in the lack of economic strength it take the development of sports.

In recent years Qinghai develop a feature unique to strike out on his own sports, and the path was a success. “haul down lake shore“ and the “yellow race“ do a favor to our sports development. Especially have a glorious development decade “down lake shore“ and it began to make the national people’s demostric project. So many provinces districts are all envious of the events that behind the development and it take up publicity for qinghai, the service of the qinghai.

In this national cppcc, beijing’s leading comrades to the skies and down lake shore of the race, and he want to make a more expression of bicycles in Beijing (parts of a bicycle). Besides Beijing, Fujian, Hainan, Gansu and also to international cycling (cycle parts). why these places all have this idea? The exercise bike except on the charm, and the important fact is, Qinghai made the overall efficiency. In this sense, Qinghai this brand is very good and Qinghai created a unique sports brand.

In the domestic industry, it is still envy Qinghai, “down lake shore“for the issue of sports lottery achieved astonishing good grades. As you know, the state general administration of sport in the province’s international sports lottery, the issue of the country is the first time. Lottery ticket sales up to 2010 2.36 billion RMB and three consecutive years the average rate of 45%, above the national average growth rate of 25% of the sectors. During the qinghai sports lottery sales 8.9 billion RMB, “an five-year“period of 5.6 sectors. The implementation of public funds of $250, the “five-year “of times the average growth, 68% and assistance in a number of sports path, renovating existing sports venues. From: wholesale bicycle accessories

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