Choosing the right Gemstone
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Choosing the right Gemstone

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Gemstones are categorized in 2 distinct categories. Precious and Semi-Precious. Precious gems are Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphire etc. Semi-precious gems is everything else. This is according to the old terms but not necessary true these days. Due to the limited and rare supply, most stones are now valuable and fall in the precious stone category. Amethyst, Tourmaline, Moonstone, Coral, Citrine are popular gemstones in the semi-precious category. Depending on the reason to buy the gemstone and how you plan to wear it, will determine the correct gemstone. Now with astrology and other esoteric sciences gaining ground, people have realized there is a scientific reason why gemstones are worn and beneficial to you. Right gemstones are known to calibrate your body cycle and physiology that in turn lead to a better mental and physical state. If you are choosing gemstone for fashion, there are a few determining factors: • Budget • Daily or occasion wear • Statement piece or something to complement your outfit • Are you planning to build a jewelry wardrobe in a specific color scheme • Does it need to have astrology significance or is it a fashions piece Once you know the answer to the above questions, you will then understand whether you need to go in for a Precious stone or a semi-precious stone. Whether to buy a birthstone or something that catches your fancy. If it is fancy then what color suits you. Durability and the setting of the stone is very important. Is it going to be worn on a ring, pendant, earrings or bracelet. Gemstones worn on rings and bracelets needs to be more durable as they are subjected to a lot more work n wear. If it is going to be statement piece, the setting and design play an utmost priority over everything else. A simple design brings out the brilliance of the stone and you need to have a flawless and big gemstone for that setting. Intricate work and fancy pieces sometimes use smaller stones, as the gemstones themselves are used only to accentuate the design. This will be much cheaper and lighter on the pocket. Whatever, the occasion, choosing the right gemstone, whether diamonds, or sapphire or amethyst or coral, it should all bring out the best in you. At the end of the day, it should complement you and your individual style. What might suit someone else may not look good on you. Hence, keep in mind your personality and style before you decide on the right gemstone. Malleable Jewellers is an online jewelry store that has jewellery in all kinds of precious and semi precious gemstones. Something for everyone. Every piece is proudly designed & handmade in Toronto. Jewellery is an expression of the uniqueness & boldness of the wearers personality, and Malleable Jewellers have the privilege to transform clients’ ideas into tangible, wearable pieces of jewellery that express these qualities. Being a certified HRD diamond grader and having a background in gemmology they can source the right gemstone whilst accounting for aesthetic & budget considerations.
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