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Come Ares

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Let me shift a little bit today to make a suggestion - think of to InfoComm exhibition, projection Summit, around three-dimensional communication or any other event on this show. Have a lot to see, learn and experience this, so let me provide some high level information to whet your appetite. We have been working for 10 years, organizations are now InfoComm show (a great organization the way). During this time, we see this event and other events in the growth and consolidation of many partnerships and outreach programs and rapidly expand their reach to provide more information, education and products to participate. Here are some statistics: >> * 22% of the participants are technical / engineering / 71% Management / Consultant >> * Almost 15,500 system integrators, distributors, independent representatives, rental and staging professionals, design consulting, presentation and video production professonals participation in the annual InfoComm Show >> * 7000 InfoComm show buyers and end users to attend, 18% of the buyers came from more than 100 countries outside the U.S.

Ares is ProAV show, but ProAV equipment across so many industries. Many cover a wide range of technology and introduce new products in this event. If you want to dig into the specific technical, market or further applications, the opportunity to do this. For example, the projection of this technology summit is the only focus only on performance. Projection technology is far from dead. In fact, this is a good growth as a market segment.

To create this year’s program, we set out our ideas and trends and prediction is the first opportunity and made the following components: >> * Automatic three-dimensional three-dimensional (in the AS - 3D) projection solution ?* AV and home theater projectors >> * Projection Components and Modules >> * Low-power green laser >> * Pico / mini projector >> * Projection of Education >> * Green Video >> * Laser-based digital cinema and large venue For those of you who participated in the Summit of the previous projection, you know, we take 2 Food, beverage and exhibition days, take good care of you. Projection Summit, I always learn a lot. Now, if the education in other regions to do list, we can suggest with a three-dimensional interest in the 3D field of communications.

Business in the telecommunications and operation of three 90-minute session offers two tracks in the classroom-style education. We plan with some repetition, to accommodate people’s busy 24-course (we will teach them a lot.) Courses are: ?* 3D content creation ~ Introduce three-dimensional vision and human factors, such as three-dimensional digital signage content creation; the stereoscopic display, the new 3D content creation workflow ?* 3D display ~ Introduction to 3D displays, 3D glasses, passive displays, advanced AS - 3D displays, 3D displays active glasses, three-dimensional polarization modulation, the district-based AS - 3D displays, multi-window, blending the 3D display solutions ?* 3D System Integration ~ The three-dimensional digital signage, three-dimensional system integration, three case studies >> * D applications and markets ~ 3D applications - where, what and why, three-dimensional Viz / SIM card, because the three market opportunities In the exhibition space, a three-dimensional museum, a three-dimensional cinema and suppliers of other 3D demo booth. Ares provides more training, special sessions and events, there must be an almost anyone interested in the things in this industry. From June 11-17 in Orlando, Florida, runs the event, so perhaps you should consider the future.

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