Commercial and Residential Dumbwaiters
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Commercial and Residential Dumbwaiters

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Interestingly, it is about 40% of the total space that is available for storage of materials or goods that ordinary warehousing systems make use of, while the rest is given up as aisles. Not even the stacking up of cartons, crates or bags in a perfect arrangement helps in curbing this space wastage. This is no problem when goods are only a few, but when there is a demand for space, the solutions have been found through pallet racking or building storage mezzanines.

The dumbwaiters solutions that were once powered by pulleys attached to ropes that were pulled by hands were an important ingredient of multi-storied Victorian homes. These days, dumbwaiters are in form of electric or their old manual method and have better features than ever. The good thing is that dumbwaiter solutions now come in different models as the home elevators at prices that vary.

The different features and application of dumbwaiter solutions in residential and commercial use shows that they have become very important. They work on the principle of elevators that take things (laundry, groceries, toys, etc) up and down. The most common of these dumbwaiter solutions is the electric dumbwaiter that is powered by a 3 or 4 h/p motor that can make 2 or 3 stops according to your need (like up to 750 pounds). 

You can still readjust it if you want to increase or decrease the capacity you want from it and customize it with features to accentuate its look like the cover or cabinet. With residential elevators and dumbwaiters solutions, you would add value to your home. The electric ones are more expensive than the manual ones. These electric dumbwaiters are easy to use and have good features like:

·         Using a button to take care of the dumbwaiter

·         Commercial and residential  dumbwaiters run on easy on tracks on the tracking system

·         There are built-in interlocks and brakes that kick when its door is opened or if you need it   to stop.

·         Commercial and residential dumbwaiters have keys to protect it when not in use.

·         They may cause in the range of $3000 to $7000 and then little more on their installation

Dumbwaiters solutions are especially for the elderly and the disabled who need to take care of transportation of things around them.  There is a lot of information on dumbwaiters solutions on the internet. This is an innovation that most of us look down upon, but can be the thing that would help us in making good use of our lives. These commercial and residential dumbwaiters are what we need around us.

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Our dumbwaiters are offered in both residential and high-capacity commercial configurations.



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