Common Construction Problems and How Does an Attorney Help
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Common Construction Problems and How Does an Attorney Help

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Construction projects are often riddled with risks that are huge and difficult to manage. The very fact that there are several people involved in a single construction project makes it difficult to ascertain the right person to claim compensation. Among the several people involved in a project include business owners, developers, design firms, contractors, sub contractors, banks, and even financial institutions.

It’s very important for every entity involved in the project to safeguard his interest and take preventive measures to avoid huge legal claims. But what is a construction defect? Everyone from homeowner to builder, the contractor and sub contractor is likely to have a different opinion on this. Generally speaking defects in the design, material used and poor workmanship qualify as construction defects. These defects leave the structure difficult to live and if left untreated may cause permanent damage to the property.

Construction defects may also manifest in the form of injuries to construction workers. Common construction defects in this category include slips, and falls from scaffoldings and even collapse of the structure.

A construction defect attorney in Denver can help people to either protect themselves from the risks involved in the project or claim compensation for victims of a construction defect. With respect to the advisory aspect they help to diminish risks by advising people on the right procedure to be followed. And when a dispute has already risen they guide on the practical solutions that protect the client’s interest.

And if compensation is to be claimed they make sure that you get the cost of repairs and compensation for the decline in the value of your property. It may also include attorney fees and in some cases of serious negligence, punitive action may also be initiated.

Another major issue in construction projects is claims. These could include claims for extra work, delays, defects, loss of productivity etc. A construction defect lawyer in Denver can also help you file and also defend such claims. And when claims are very high in large construction projects, they also initiate arbitration and mediation proceedings.

But it’s very important to find the right construction defect attorney in Denver. Construction law is a highly specialized branch of law and it’s very important that the lawyer should possess extensive knowledge about the subject. Because of the nature of the industry, it’s very important that the lawyer is not only updated about the different laws governing construction projects, but is also aware of the different procedures in the industry.

Needless to say, experience is a must as the lawyer would need to correctly examine the risks and liabilities involved in the case and guide you correctly on the right procedure to be followed.

Michael Schlueter - About the Author:

A competent construction attorney in Denver can make or break your project and hence it’s very important that you choose one with care. The author is a construction lawyer in Denver at the law firm of Schlueter, Mahoney & Ross, P.C. and has written several articles on the subject.

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