Common Foods That May Cause Cancer and Make Life Shorter
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Common Foods That May Cause Cancer and Make Life Shorter

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Today, it’s still a time that people turn pale at the mention of cancer. Because of some bad living habits in life, it is likely to lead to cancer. There are several common cancer-causing foods around you, and you definitely have eaten. Regularly eating these foods will cause cancer, and even greatly shorten your life. What are the cancer-causing foods?

1. Do not drink the tea left overnight

Since the tea left overnight is placed too long, most of the vitamins have lost. Besides, the protein, carbohydrates, etc. will be the nutrients for bacteria and fungi breeding, so people often think the tea left overnight cannot be drunk.

2. Can we drink boiled water left overnight?

When water has boiled for 3 to 5 minutes, the content of nitrite, chloride and other harmful substances is the lowest. And the water at this moment is most suitable for people to drink.

Drink less water left overnight: nitrite in the human body can form carcinogenic nitrosamines. Experts have found that the nitrite content in water was higher than that in the raw water.

And as for water that is repeated or prolonged boiled or boiled for more than 24 hours, nitrite levels are significantly increased. After placed for 24 hours, the nitrite content is just 1.3 times as high as that when boiled.

Our residents have the habit of drinking boiling water. It is best to drink when the water boils or drink the water boiled the present day. Do not drink the water boiled too long.

3. Seafood products cannot be overnight

Foods left overnight that should not be eaten include fish, seafood, green leafy vegetables, cold dishes and so on.

After being left overnight, fish and seafood are easy to produce protein degradation products, which can damage the liver and kidney function.

Green leafy vegetables contain different amounts of nitrate. So cooking or preserving for too long will not only make vegetables become yellow and bad, nitrate will be reduced to toxic nitrite by bacteria, having a carcinogenic effect.

Salad is more or less polluted due to processing, so even if refrigerated, it may be bad after overnight. So we should eat the current dishes.

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