Common Gynecologic Problems and Treatment in Women
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Common Gynecologic Problems and Treatment in Women

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Most of the menstrual bleeding issues happen due to imbalance in the hormones within your body. Read this article to know the common gynecologic problems and their treatment procedures. This guide will also give you tips on finding the best gynecologist in New York. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding It refers to the issues linked to vaginal bleeding. It can be connected to the menstrual cycle but there are times where abnormal bleeding takes place before the beginning of the menstrual cycle. In some cases, it can occur when you are pregnant or after your menopause. Most of the abnormal vaginal bleeding issues occur due to hormones imbalance which control the menstrual cycle. In cases where the vaginal bleeding is not associated with the menses it should be of great concern to you. This can occur in childhood when menstruation has not begun or during your pregnancy or after you get into menopause. When Do You Need to Call Healthcare Provider? You need to call the healthcare provider when you experience pelvic pain which occurs during sexual intercourse or menstruation, when the menstrual bleeding is in excess and when the menstrual periods last longer than 7 days. The abnormal bleeding is associated with the following: Young Pre-Puberty Girl - Occurrence of an injury - Sexual abuse - Early Puberty - Vaginal irritation Woman of Reproductive Age - An imbalance in the hormones - Some types of tumors - Use of birth control pills Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Bleeding The common evaluation of the early bleeding involves ultra sound. The diagnosis includes unexpected pregnancies and endometriosis. The treatment procedure involves the use of hormone birth control by the use of an injection to reduce the internal bleeding. There are also other prescriptions to slow down the internal bleeding and they should only be recommended to you by the doctor. Endometriosis The name of the condition comes from the word ‘endometrium’ which is the tissue aligning the uterus. When the woman is not pregnant, the tissue will build up and be shed at the end of each month. In the endometriosis condition, a tissue which acts like the endometrial is found outside the uterus. However, unlike in the menstrual flow, the blood from the uterus will have no place to go. The tissues which surround the endometrium will become inflamed or swollen. This inflammation can then produce a scar tissue around the area of endometriosis. Treatment They are based on the symptoms displayed by the patient and the desire for pregnancy. When looking for treatment or diagnosis of any of the above conditions, it is always good to make sure you take your time to choose the best gynecologist in New York.
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