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Content Writing A Modern Day Necessity

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Today, practically everybody uses the internet for practically everything. Even if they’re not directly involved in web site design or content writing web site copy in their full time jobs, it’s likely that they’ll be constantly connected at work. And when it comes to personal lives and personal business decisions, the figures get even huger. In 2006, 16.5 million British adults said that they accessed the internet every day, or ‘almost every day’- last year (2010) it was over thirty million (over sixty per cent of adults in the UK.) And about the same amount go on line to make a purchase of goods or services on line at least once a year. Seventy seven per cent of British households are now connected to the net. There’s no doubt about it: when people make a decision in almost any aspect of their lives – where to shop, where to go out to eat, even who to date (US on line dating site eHarmony is now responsible for a staggering five per cent of new marriages in the USA annually) – they go to the internet as the first port of call.

Ironically, the rise of the internet as the favoured medium for business and consumption which has happened over the last decade has also involved the return to prominence of one of the oldest communication forms: the written word, in the form of content writing and website copy. Many people fear that the wildly increasing use of the internet will lead to a generation of illiterate adults who’ve never opened a book, but in fact nothing could be farther from the truth. Quite the opposite: those who can’t write engaging, informative web site copy are at more of a disadvantage than ever before when trying to communicate to the wider public, whether that’s to advertise a business, inform customers about services and products, conduct transactions online, or simply increase company visibility.

Once upon a time, most advertising took place through posters and TV and radio adverts. And ‘word of mouth’ was just that: discussion going on verbally among local clients about the merits or faults of this or that business. But in this day and age, it doesn’t matter how engaging your shop front is, or how excellent the services that you provide – if you don’t have a web presence which is strong enough to both attract clients and engage their trust, your business is hopelessly limited. No business person or organization can afford to ignore the presentation of themselves that exists on the Internet.

This means that the web site copy that you use has to be perfect. A grammar mistake, spelling mistake or typo in your web site copy can be fatal, making the website – and by extension, the business – seem untrustworthy and unprofessional. Accurate English writing skills haven’t been so important since the days of written messages.

This development worries many business people who feel that their content writing skills may not be up to scratch. After all, if your job isn’t professional content writing, why should you have learned these skills? And yet, whether you’re an electrician, butcher or graphic designer, you’ll need spotless web site copy to engage new customers, and to hang on to your old ones.
Essentially, well designed web site copy is a necessity because rivals will have this. Most people nowadays engage professionals for their copy writing and web site design, meaning that those who don’t are left looking old fashioned, and at a serious disadvantage.

But luckily, this isn’t an impossible situation. Not only can you cheaply engage professionals for your content writing, who have made content writing their full time jobs and built up years of experience, but you can even place the burden of organizing your web site copy needs with a comprehensive professional agency. Agencies such as Oxbridge Content can analyze your needs for web site copy, and connect directly with an experienced content writing professional who will write up expert web site copy for you. This professionally written web site copy can make the difference between a shabby-looking web site and a sparkling one. It hooks new customers with engaging web site copy, and makes them feel that they’re in safe hands due to the professional accuracy of the English language skills displayed. Oxbridge Content in particular has an added bonus: all of this agency’s content writing freelancers are graduates of or current students at the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford. This means that they’re sure to have deadly accurate English skills, and can provide flawless web site copy.

Oxbridge Content, in fact, can take care of all your written communication needs within your business. After all, internet communication doesn’t begin and end at the web site copy on the business website. There are the more old fashioned, traditional methods of communication with customers, such as newsletters and mailing lists. There are the most up to date ways of keeping an internet presence, including managing social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr) and maintaining a blog. A combination of these advertisement and marketing methods is the best option for making your business seem both cutting edge and exciting, and trustable and reliable. However, maintaining all of these can be time consuming – especially things which need regular updates, like blogs or new product press releases. And all of them involve good content writing.

So if the management of your on line marketing needs is getting too much – if you’d rather just concentrate on the actual running of your business – get in touch with Oxbridge Content’s content writing team. You’ll receive excellent, high quality and accurate web site copy and other content writing without having to worry about a thing. Oxbridge Content can analyse what you need as well as supplying it. You can even start a monthly account, where all you have to worry about is a monthly review of your online presence, and Oxbridge Content can manage the whole thing month to month.

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