Dental Implants – Things to Know!
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Dental Implants – Things to Know!

Published by: Dr Paulo Pinho (10)
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Basically, the point of dental implant surgery is to replace missing or damaged teeth and roots with artificial teeth and roots. Implants can be a more comfortable alternative to the traditional full-mouth dentures. If you’re not familiar with the dental world, you may not completely understand what a dental implant procedure is. Getting dental implants in Sydney is more than just sticking some fake teeth in your mouth like you would a mouth guard. Here we have explained everything about the dental implants. Features Of A Good Candidate For Dental Implants Procedure Some of the essential features needed for the candidate to undergo an implant surgery is having the following attributes: - Damaged tooth - Missing one or more teeth - Sufficient bone in the jaw to support implants - Overall decent physical health - Good oral hygiene If implant surgery is the right option for you, then you can discuss with the dentist about the dental implant procedures. How Long Dental Implant Procedure Does Takes? There are several factors that will influence the time needed for an implant procedure. - If there will be a tooth extracted prior to implant placement - Which teeth are replaced - The number of teeth involved - Your oral health These factors will also determine the total number of visits to the dentist and the dental implants cost in Sydney throughout the treatment period. How You Need To Prepare For The Dental Implants Surgery? Your dentist may discuss about the dental implants cost in Sydney and provide you with some pre-operative instructions to follow. These may include: - Asking you to eat a good breakfast on the day of surgery, unless you are planning on having the procedure done under IV sedation. In that case, you would not be eating anything after midnight the night before surgery. - Having someone available to bring you to the appointment and drive you home if you elected to take an oral sedative or have IV sedation. - Prescribing antibiotics to take for a few days prior to surgery as a preventative measure. - Having you rinse with a special anti-bacterial mouthwash, such as chlorhexidine. During The Dental Implant Surgery While undergoing affordable dental implants in Sydney your dentist will place the implants into your jawbone and allow it to fuse with your jawbones. This process of implants getting fused with your jawbones is called osseointegration process. This may take nearly two to six months based on your dental health. After that your dentist will place the abutment and the crown on the implants. The metal implant acts as artificial tooth root and the crown act as the artificial tooth.
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