Dietary Misunderstandings Could Lead to Premature Aging
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Dietary Misunderstandings Could Lead to Premature Aging

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Under high work pressure and quick life pace, many people are difficult to maintain a healthy nutrition diet. They also use preferred foods to replace foods they are not interested in. However, these foods damage people’s health and could cause serious result.

Mistake One: Eat fruit to alternate vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, so many people think that it is alright to eat more fruits to instead vegetables. In fact, vegetables are second only to staple food and it is more effective in promoting the body to absorb three major nutrients including protein, fat, carbohydrates. Furthermore, the unique plant crude fiber in vegetables can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis and have anti-colon cancer effect.

Mistake Two: Eat fresh vegetables instead of frozen vegetables.

If the fresh vegetables are just picked from the garden, there is no problem. However, the vegetables we now eat have been stored for several days and the nutrition loses gradually during the storage process. In contrast, frozen vegetables retain more vitamins, because frozen after picking vegetables can prevent the loss of vitamin.

Mistake Three: Drink mineral water instead of drinking boiled water. Many people say that mineral water is rich in minerals, but the mineral water could also be contaminated by the harmful substances in land. Recently, Dutch scientist analyzed bottled mineral water, which was found more susceptible to dangerous micro-organisms and bacterial contamination.

Mistake Six: Use brown sugar instead of white sugar

Both brown sugar and white sugar are extracted from sugar cane or sugar beets, and the production process of brown sugar is a little simpler than that of white sugar. Brown sugar contains more glucose and cellulose and release energy faster. However, the brown sugar tastes less sweet than sugar, so people will add more when they drink tea or coffee. It is dangerous.

There are also many other misunderstandings in our life habits. When we realize them and correct them, we will have healthier life.

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