Different types of Indian Chaat
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Different types of Indian Chaat

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India is very popular for it’s mouthwatering, amazingly delicious and uniquely flavored chaats. Wherever you go in India, this mind-blowing street food is always loved and admired. Many people enjoy these in the streets or takeaway food and enjoy the same with family at home. Like other Indian foods, chaat is also very popular in Bracknell. And it made a crucial position in Bracknell Foods list. Many family restaurants in Bracknell which are especially popular for authentic Indian food in Bracknell also serve various types of popular Indian Chaat. Some Indian restaurant in Bracknell also provides Indian food takeaway Bracknell. So let’s know about some popular types of Chaats in India: Aloo Chaat Aloo Chaat is favourite street food from Delhi and it is loved all around India. It is made with fried parboiled potato pieces mixed with chana (gram) and chopped onions, garnished with spices and chutney. Bhelpuri Bhelpuri is popular chaat item from Mumbai. It is made with puffed rice, sev, potato, chopped onions, papdis, and chutney. Aloo Tikki Chaat Aloo Tikki Chaat is another well-admired chaat from northern India. It is prepared using mashed potato patty which is generously covered with dahi, chutney and sev. Dahi puri Dahi puri is a delicious chaat which is made with Pani puri shells stuffed with a mixture of mashed potato & chickpeas and drizzled over with dahi, sev and chutney. Ragda Patties Ragda Patties is another popular chaat from Mumbai; it is similar to the aloo tikki along with added value. It consists of aloo tikki which is covered with white chickpeas dal (ragda), chutney and sev. Dahi Vada Dahi Vada is a yummy and well-liked chaat in India. It has different names in different places like Dahi Bhalla in Punjab, Doi Bora in Bengal, Thayir Vadai in Tamil Nadu, Mosare Vada in Karnataka and Perugu Vade in Telangana. Pakora Pakora is a deep-fried fritter. It is a popular Indian snack which is commonly enjoyed with tea or chutney. Papri Chaat Papri Chaat is made with mixture of papdi, chopped potatoes, dahi, onions, chutney and coriander leaves. Samosa Chaat Samosa Chaat is a well-liked chaat which is made by smashing the samosa and splashing it with dahi, tamarind chutney and mint chutney. Sev Puri Sev Puri was originated in Mumbai. It is made by arranging Papdis on a plate then place mashed potatoes on top followed by dahi, chutney and sev. Panipuri Panipuri is a popular street snack available in several regions of Indian. It is a round hollow crispy fried puri, filled with a mixture potato or chickpeas, onion, chili, chaat masala, and served with flavored water or tamarind chutney. Queen’s Kitchen is one of the well-known family restaurants in Bracknell which serves all types of Indian food in Bracknell UK and they also make available takeaway food Bracknell. If you are planning to have any chaat or Indian food takeaway Bracknell and thinking about an Indian restaurant near me, then contact us right away – best Indian restaurant in Bracknell.
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