Do You Dare Drink After the Lowered Standard of Milk
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Do You Dare Drink After the Lowered Standard of Milk

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Recently, an adjustment concerning new national standard of milk has aroused public attention. The new standard rules that the amount of bacteria in raw milk should be no more than 2 million each milliliter. And the proportion of protein in raw milk should be more than 2.8g every 100g, which is lower than the previous. “Is it safe to drink milk after the standard is lowered?”,“What kind of milk has higher nutritionalvalue?”

have become the topics that people concern. Today, our dietitian Wang Xingguo will answer all the questions concerning milk you might raise. The following are several questions and answers between netizens and Pro. Wang.

Q: Why do we have so many standards of milk, while few of soya-bean milk? Is it because the nutritional value of the latter is lower than milk?

A: The calcium content of soya-bean milk is much lower than that of milk. And of course, soya-bean milk is also a very healthy kind of food.

Q: When is it better to drink milk? What can be the matching food of milk?

A: There is no fixed time. You can drink whenever you feel free. If you worry about gaining weight, you’d better not drink in the evening. As far as nutrition be concerned, it is better to eat some staple food. And you’ll certainly absorb the nutrition if you only drink milk.

Q: After the standard is lowered, are you and your families still drinking milk? How to choose? Does it have any influence on you?

A: We drink as usual. It won’t influence much on consumers after the lowered standard.

Q: What is the most important process while processing milk?

A: First and foremost, it is disinfection. Then, any unhealthy things should not be added.

Q: What kind of milk is appropriate for women?

A: If you don’t want gain weight ,I suggest that you drink low fat milk.

Q: Pro. Wang, is there any milk that we can drink without worry? Could you recommend several brands?

A: I have five principles while choosing milk: 1.native enterprises; 2. larger enterprises; 3. Enterprises that I know; 4. Enterprises that I have visited; 5. Enterprises that have a manager I know.

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