Do You Know the Knowledge of Drinking Water
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Do You Know the Knowledge of Drinking Water

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Drinking water is simple, but definitely not to open your mouth and pour the water into it. The experts at home and abroad after several studies have shown that keeping the water in our mouth first and then swallowing is the most scientific way, and is the most beneficial to humans.

If you drink water rapidly, it is easy to take too much air into the gastrointestinal tract, finally causes flatulence, and it is bound to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. On the contrary, if you contain the water in your mouth and then drink it, which can make the entrance of water’s temperature becomes close to the human body, but will not be too hot or too cold to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. This can also avoid damaging your gastric mucosal. Because of the fast drinking water will make the stomach expand rapidly and stimulate the stomach cells to secrete too much stomach acid or digestive enzymes, the stomach is in highly acidic and high digestive enzymes environment, after a long time which will damage the gastric mucosa.

Usually, when we are thirsty, we will drink water, so “keep the water in mouth for a while and then swallow” can make your mouth have more time to enjoy the taste of the water, and further make the oral mucosa have more time to accept the water moisture, which is the best way to be used to relieve dry mouth.

In short, the correct method to drink is also a good way of health care. However, in life, we seem to not pay attention to these small details. For my part, I usually do not like to drink water only when I am thirsty, I will drink lots of water, and that is quick drinking. I think only fast drinking will quench my thirst, perhaps we has hurt our stomach unconsciously.

I do not know what kind way of drinking water you like, but I am beginning to find my own drinking way has problems. Because I drink too less and too fast, it leads to that I do not absorb moisture. Basically after drinking, I drain soon. So here, I would like to suggest you that you might as well drink the water slowly, and had better keep water in mouth for a while.

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