Elimination of Mites Should Clean up Major Regions at Home
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Elimination of Mites Should Clean up Major Regions at Home

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Mite is a ubiquitous creature existing in natural conditions and human life environment. Due to small size, it is difficult to find their trace with the naked eye. But it is the most common inhaled allergens, which could cause allergic reactions in all ages.

The acute attack and duration of many allergic asthma’s occurrence, development and symptoms are closely related with dust mite allergy. Among allergic asthma in infants and young children, the dust mite is the most important allergen. It is the number one allergen of allergic rhinitis. In addition, the degree of infant atopic dermatitis sometimes is also connected with allergic degree of dust mites.

Patients have allergy not because of inhaling live mites but inhaling the dust mite debris, secretions and excretions. When people make the beds or clean the house, the allergens can easily spread in the air and then be inhaled by human body. Dirty environment may make dust mites allergy worse. So even people clean house frequently, they cannot ensure that the environment completely has no mites. In the home, carpets, sofa and bed are the three gathering places of dust mites, and family decoration and air conditioning filter are also its hiding places. To clear the mites, you must note the following:

Reduce the relative humidity. Mite survival condition is 20 to 30 ℃ with relative humidity of 62% to 80%. Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners to control the relative humidity at 50%, which can effectively reduce mite reproduction.

Packaging mattress and pillow with special anti-mite materials is an effective way to avoid the allergen. People who are easy to have allergies should not tear out the wrapped plastic sheeting after buying a new mattress, which can also reduce allergies.

Every week, use hot water of 55 ℃ to wash beddings. Under the conditions of 25 ℃, washing for 5 minutes with ordinary washing detergent could remove the vast majority of mites. If the temperature is higher than 55 ℃ for 10 minutes, it kill all the mites.

Do not carpet in families of wet area. If you have to use it, it should be vacuumed once a week, and the vacuum cleaner bags should be replaced frequently. Avoid steam cleaning carpets, for it will have residual moisture to promote mite growth.

Plush toys or other small items should be frozen at minus 17 ℃ to minus 20 ℃ environment for at least 24 hours. Then wash them to effectively kill the mites. In cold areas, mattresses and pillows can be put outdoors in winter for 24 hours.

Home is the warm place for families, so the home cleaning is very essential to everyone.

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