Everything about stock market: basic knowledge and tips
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Everything about stock market: basic knowledge and tips

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Stock market is a place where one can buy and sell share of different companies for their benefit. If you purchase a single share of any company than you’re a member of the company, you’ll be the profit seeker of the company but you can’t do anything about the company rules and policy. Mostly any investors do a same mistake of entering the stock market without no specific knowledge or any expert guidance. Stock market contains 4 sub parts – 1. NSE/BSE 2. SEBI 3. Investors (Advisors are not part of market but they provide the advice to the investors for safe investment) 4. Broker. All four constitute of stock market system. Without any of these regulation of stock market won’t be possible. For investing in stock market one has to have a Demate A/c and a trading A/c. Brokerage firms make it available for the traders to do their investments. There are many ways in which one can trade intraday, short term and long term. Intraday is on daily basis when the market opens and closes. Short term is for 2-3 days of running market. Long term is for future investments. For the simplicity and for a trader with low budget future and option market is also available, which basically demands for lower amount. The market is being regulated by SEBI (security and exchange board of India) which provides the protection to the investors. Most initial traders trade with emotions, they buy low and just want to sell high. The basic funda of share market is clear but they didn’t thought of learning a little bit in deep. That’s why the role of advisers is very important in the share market circle. The simple way is to learn and invest wheather you want to be an independent trader of not you have to believe in yourself first. That’s the basis of trading and stock market.
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