Everything Seniors Should Know About Dental Implants
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Everything Seniors Should Know About Dental Implants

Published by: Dr Paulo Pinho (10)
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Unless you have serious health issues, you are a good candidate for receiving dental implants. Yes, there is no upper age limit for undergoing dental implant procedure. If you have thought that you are not the right candidate to get implants due to your age or any other health concern, think again. It is never too late to get back your smile and enjoy your favourite foods. Osteoporosis It is a bone disease that causes bone loss, and it is common in many older adults, especially women who have gone through Menopause. Women with Osteoporosis have a high chance of losing at least one tooth. Due to the impact it has on bone loss, many women think that osteoporosis prevents them from getting dental implants. But, patients with osteoporosis are also good candidates for receiving implants. Even if you have experienced bone loss in your jaw, dental implants may still be an option for you. Yes, by undergoing bone grafting procedure you can get an implant and the additional procedure price affects the dental implants cost Sydney. In fact, once you can able to chew properly again with implants, you can improve your nutrition and reduce future bone loss. Increased life expectancy Some elderly people wonder that if the cost of dental implants Sydney is worth the investment or not. Although we don’t know how much time we have left, at 60 or 70 you could easily have another 20+ years left. Just think about the hassles of missing teeth. Do you really want to deal with it another decade? Three meals a day, 365 days a year – do you want to struggle with a missing tooth? With dental implants in Sydney, you can chew properly and stick to healthy diets that help keep you away from diseases and increase your life span. Quality of life Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to spend the rest of your life with soft foods. Regardless of how much time you have left, being able to enjoy life is important. Eating foods you love and not harming your remaining teeth gives you a better quality of life. A missing tooth can lead to several dental issues including teeth shifting. So, get dental implants and live the rest of your as you wish!
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