Excellent work friend Bullock, Ling Xu technology into the development of China’s Power Smart TV
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Excellent work friend Bullock, Ling Xu technology into the development of China’s Power Smart TV

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DiiVA standard platform independent intellectual property rights of domestic suppliers Ling Xu technology recently with the most powerful film, one of the digital entertainment platform, Bullock Co., Ltd. Beijing gifted friends (UNION VOOLE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD) and the tripod base technology (Trison Technology Corporation) signed a memorandum of cooperation to develop intelligent television set-top box solution, the three parties have indicated that this cooperation is very optimistic about market prospects, and believe this partnership will build the digital home network and intelligent television industry to provide strong support.

Under the agreement, Ding Ling Xu Technology and Development Group DiiVA hardware and software technology will meet friends for the excellent interaction between Pollock’s upcoming high-definition set-top boxes for Internet video users through DiiVA technology to build the digital home network to enjoy ubiquitous interaction HD experience, at the same time, a lot of excellent friends Bullock will promote the intelligent interactive platform to most of the domestic IPTV operators and their customers to provide more quality content experience.

The development of smart television content solutions Intelligent Television has become the meat and potatoes of TV industry in 2011, domestic and foreign manufacturers have a number of major high-profile television attack. Nevertheless, the industry still believe that this is only the promotion of intelligent television. With the traditional passive TV viewing different, smart television is not just a single terminal display products, but rather a system solution, it gives the audience more initiative, and the interaction with the audience reached an unprecedented high level of so “personal“ as the stage of development keywords. It is because of these characteristics, the improvement of the system solution, in addition to chips and systems need to consider the construction of the improvement the content of the structures and the open platform is also important.

Smart TVs deep plowing and to ensure healthy and rapid development of smart television industry to become a hot topic surfaced. Ling Xu technology is currently provided by the chip technology has already DiiVA intelligent operating system platforms and intelligent interaction provides the perfect solution and has been China Video Industry Association (CVIA) announced a variety of intelligent terminal as necessary interface. Speaking of intelligent content, Ling Liu, chairman of Asahi Tec Conduit said: “If there is no high-definition HDTV content, such as a river without water; Similarly, if no IP content, the healthy development of intelligent TV will also be affected.“ And Ling Peng Bullock is excellent signing for the perfect smart TV Asahi system technology solutions with strategic step by step, making DiiVA technical expertise to create a platform for the intelligent TV is more complete, intelligent television to fly higher power.

Bullock excellent friends: working together quietly turned Ling Xu The video site as the advantages and friends into the market is quietly turning Bullock. Shao Peng, Chairman and CEO superior to Ding pointed out that “now we positioned as to create film and television digital entertainment platform, focusing on targeting the TV screen, rather than a simple video site.“ In reality, the layout of excellent business friends Bullock TV screen tilted forward, and an intelligent TV-based digital home network coincides with the home entertainment networking solutions provider signed Ling Xu technology for optimal positioning of Pollock’s friend opened up a sea of ​​blue transition. Shao Peng, Chairman and CEO superior to the small third generation had to do a clear definition of the Internet, he believes that the Internet has become the third-generation mobile terminal + PC + TV end of the new model, that is, TV is the screen of the Internet era, but not with He has many common definition is to create a new generation of technology with DiiVA home multimedia network backbone architecture for intelligent television to create such a platform to meet the new trends in video consumption habits, so that high-definition screen interaction in arbitrary N change interaction

It is this high degree of similarity, which allows the hand DiiVA Pollock’s friends seem ripe. Ling Xu technology provided by the DiiVA technology to construct an intelligent TV-based home multimedia network backbone architecture, and excellent friends Bullock is a huge content resources make this system more vivid, plump, and smart TV “content King “on the question to find a solution. This cooperation, the tripod base as the connection technology platform and excellent content Ling Xu Peng technology hub network architecture will provide the chip with high-definition DiiVA interactive set-top box technology for superior digital home content and peer backbone network to provide technical support for the docking .

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