Failing to get long term care insurance
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Failing to get long term care insurance

Published by: Felicia Michaels (33)
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Remember the old proverb “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  This adage is particularly true in planning for long term care.  Just imagine the benefits that one would get if only they prepared for long term care at an early stage. 

Save money – buying insurance at a pre-retirement period is cheaper than paying for LTC when you have no longer have a source of income.  Price of LTC plans also swell up yearly so long term care insurance can be costly in the long run.

Slim chance of getting declined – the younger you are, the greater chance of being underwritten.  And once you qualify for a good health discount, your rates will be lower. 

Financial security – you need not touch your family’s savings and assets and instead use your daily earnings while you’re still employed. 

Most people do not see the value of planning early and even come up with excuses to justify their choice.  They usually don’t consider it an immediate problem that needs to be addressed thinking that it won’t happen to them.  Or if such happens, their family is there to take care of them or perhaps, the government will attend to their financial needs.  Others also consider LTC plans as a waste of money and can just deal with it when the need arises.

What they don’t know is that failure to get long term care insurance may result to a severe crisis in the family. It requires a great sacrifice on family members who have to stay at home to fend off for the ailing elderly.  This person will be weighed down with the responsibility and may have to forgo his/her job.  What more if the elderly has no immediate family, the duty will then be entrusted to extended family members.

A dent on the family’s finances is also inevitable if there is no LTC plan at hand. Money that was saved for leisure after retirement will be spent up to shoulder medical expenses.  Assets may have to be sacrificed for nursing care or home care services.  These devastating effects will greatly affect an elderly care recipient’s emotional and physical well being.  Others even lead to depression.

Don’t let yourself be one of those people who commit the mistake of failing to get long term care insurance at an early stage.  Think ahead and purchase a good LTC plan.  Customize an insurance coverage to match your budget and needs.

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