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Fake It with Best Tanning Products

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The increased awareness of the effects of too much sun exposure has led to more and more people ’faking it’ with self tanning products. Now, thanks in part to celebrity endorsement, using fake tan has really taken off, with a huge range of tanning products on the market. If you want to join the fake it brigade but are unsure about what product is right for you, simply browse the Care4yourskinshop where you’ll find all the very best self tanning products in one place, including Fake Bake, Xen-Tan and Bronze Express.

Gone are the days when you could spot someone with a fake tan a mile off, not only because they were bright orange and streaky, but also because they were one of the only people looking a strange shade of tangerine in a sea of sun-bronzed natural tans. Things are very different now, however. Millions of us now rely on fake tan to get that healthy holiday glow, including celebrities from Madonna to Jennifer Aniston. Now, even men regularly reach for the fake tan bottle rather than relying on the rays. The best of the self tanning products are now far more advanced providing a tan that is very difficult to spot as fake. Care4yourskinshop has brought together an unrivalled range of the very best in fake tanning so you don’t have to shop around.

Fake Bake is an excellent range of self-tanners from the U.S. which arguably has the most celebrity fans, fro the olive toned J-Lo to the naturally pale Britney Spears. People with all types of skin tone find that Fake Bake delivers a beautifully deep yet natural tan which lasts for a week, with no tell-tale streaks or orange hue. Care4yourskinshop stocks all the Fake Bake favourites, including the wide range of related beauty products such as Legal Sunburn Powder Blush and Lip Glow lip-gloss.

Xen-Tan is a new product from America which is already building a celebrity following from Hollywood stars such as Drew Barrymore. Xen Tan was devised to tackle they very problems with fake tan that used to turn people off: uneven finish, unnatural colour, unpleasant smell. It also fades just like a real tan so no more having to deal with flakey patches. Care4yourskin shop was quick to add this hot new fake tan to its brands and you can now find all the must-have Xen-Tan products on its site,

Bronze Express is the company behind ’Sun to Drink’, the nutritional drink that actually prepares your skin for sun exposure. However, it also has a great range of fake tan products from lotions, sprays and gels to accessories such as fake tan mitts and bronzing powder. Care4yourskinshop is one of the few stockists of Bronze Express in the UK and Ireland, sharing this sought after range with its clients.

You’ll find the very best of the world’s fake tan brands available at Care4yourskinshop, and what’s even better is that most products are at reduced ’Care4yourskinshop’ prices thats hard to beat. To browse your way to brown skin, go to Care4yourskinshop.

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I have been working with Care4yourskinshop for more than three years as the Sales Manager. For more information about White to Brown Tan and Bronze Express.

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