Fire Protection is Important most frequently required sources
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Fire Protection is Important most frequently required sources

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Fire is one of the most frequently required sources of energy. It is used for countless purposes. It is used everywhere and almost by everyone. It can be a hazardous threat to life and property if not handled cautiously. Even an iota of negligence can also cost a lot more than just destruction. Conflagration is a common form of fire that can cause severe destruction. Moreover, destructions caused by fire are not entirely recoverable and so add a brick to the pillar of problems. There are no prior warnings in any hazard and in case of a hazard caused by fire, it is least expected. Fire causes an abundance of destruction in a fraction of a second.

In this context, one thing that must be taken care off is fire protection. As fire is required everywhere and so should be its protection. Anyone engaged in any kind of fire related activity needs to take precautionary measures against any unwanted occurrence. People of every age group are to be given instructions about the safe handling of fire related activities. Each one of us should share the responsibility along with the government to reduce the destruction cause by fire.

Fire protection is generally divided into 3 types:

Education: It is the most basic part where people need to know the minimum things for their protection. Various programs, seminars and safety training course are some of its work.

Active: Here, steps are taken to reduce fire hazard generally in a building. Using fire-resistant walls and floors are some of its examples.

Passive: It includes equipment which is available and can be used only when any hazard occurs. Smoke alarms, fire blankets, sprinklers etc are some of the equipments used here.

Other equipment like fire resistant safes, customisable gases, fire cabinets, and hose reels, etc. should be installed at the desired place. Educational institutions should include fire protection norms in their syllabus in order to make children learn about them as they are the most delicate age group and are prone to accidents. Multiplexes, tall buildings, institutions, basements, airport and even each house should have fire extinguishers readily available. One should be informed about the numerous fire protection products available. Places like a gun cabinet, kitchen, laboratory etc. which can be a subject of destruction should be taken proper care. People and property should have insurance policies as only a sound preparation can make one stand the upcoming.

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