Five Entertaining Day Vacations on a Dime
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Five Entertaining Day Vacations on a Dime

Published by: Aaron Garcia (9)
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A family fun day trip is a fundamental part of being a family, but often these small trips can be overpriced, especially if you have a bigger family. Budgeting is a crucial and fundamental part of any profitable and thriving family, which means that even family fun day trips have to be budgeted and prepared for if they are to take place. But, planning fun on a budget does not mean less fun; here are five, normally low-cost, day trip activities for the whole family to appreciate.

1.    A U-Pick Day- Most states normally have some sort of u-pick farms, though the most popular are u-pick berries and orchards. These little businesses are usually not too far from the city and will charge either a flat fee for their produce/fruit or a per pound price, which is normally lesser than grocery store prices since you are doing all the work to get the produce/fruit. In the fall pumpkin patches can be especially fun providing all sorts of things like face painting, corn mazes, and tractor rides. Over all the venture is not too high-priced; all you need to consider is the cost of gas to get to the farm and then the total amount you want to spend on produce/fruit.
2.    Hikes- Hikes are usually the least expensive family outing you can go on. You can go to your local library and find books about hikes in your area and then choose as a family which one is best suited for you. You can even select themed hikes that focus on things like wild flower finding, mushroom hunting, birdwatching and things of the like. The only real expense will be gas and possibly park passes (depending on where you choose to hike).
3.    A Water Day- Do you live near an ocean, lake or river? When was the last time you spent a day exploring and taking advantage of your near by water? Well, visiting the ocean, lake or river nearest you can be a great way for the family to enjoy the day. Bring a picnic lunch, books, a frisbee, and your camera and you will be set for a day of pleasure and rest. Cost will generally be limited to gas and any passes you may need, depending on where you go.
4.    A Small Town Visit- Going to a small country town can be especially fun if you live in a very big city. Many small tourist towns have fun novelty shops or activities going on during the summer that are fun for the whole family. Also some small towns still have market days where farmers come and sell their home grown/made goods.

The cost will be gas and any amount of money you spend in the town.
5.    Old Town/Down Town Visit- Many larger cities have a down town or old town section that is full with life, creativity and history. This kind of day trip is possibly the simplest to plan since you don’t have to leave your own region and the trip can be taken on the spur of the moment. If your children have never been to the down town area of town this will be a excellent time for them to see and experience new things that they have never seen before. This kind of trip is also great is you have a cultural region in your town, such as a Russian district or a China town. The cost can be as little or as much as you want outside of the cost of gas.

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