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Flv Recorder for Stream video Capture and Download

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As computer become increasingly popular, people are now accustomed to get information from the video and press online. One desires to download them when he meets some interesting videos in that he might want to share with his friends or save them to their favorite folder. But there isn’t any video download links on the webpage. Then he would run on the download manager to download it, however, the streaming video url cannot be easily got. It seems things can go nowhere. Here we highly recommend this software named Flv recorder, which is specially designed for recording flash stream video and audio when rtmp stream server refuses the download command.

Flv recorder can record flv video and audio streaming through http protocol and rtmp protocol. While encounter some useless url or other urls that are difficult to get, Flv recorder will play its unique advantages to deal with them. Usually most of the traditional download managers depend on capture the urls of video or audio, and then download according to the url captured. But in this process, circumstances such as download interrupted or unavailable downloading might occur. Fortunately, Flv recorder can avoid these traditional steps and easily record flash streaming video playing online. It is a youtube recorder without doubt, and it has been widely used in many other popular websites as BBC news, MSN video, yahoo music video and so on.

Flv recorder owns the common characteristics of other download managers or url sniffer. It is also widely favored by all the users because of its unique features. First, it can automatically get the useful url, flash address and even the videos and audios which are hard to download. Second, compared with other download managers, Flv recorder equips with a built-in free flv player. Users can enjoy watching the recorded video directly after finishing recording. Besides recording rtmp flash video, http flash video and other flash videos, meanwhile, Flv recorder can capture MP3,MP4,M4A,M4V files. And it has the function of recording Live webcams. What’s more, this software will save the recorded files into the default folder. When being needed, the video or audio files only need to be added to right flash player or video & audio player so that users can enjoy watching or listening to them. Flv recorder supports multiple systems, such as Windows NT4.0, + SP6, 98, me, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc.

With so many merits, Flv recorder quickly become one of the most popular software to get streaming media url, capture video stream, record streaming video online. Once having it, users need not worry about they can not obtain the video, audio or files which are worth collecting. The software engineers keep on advancing and improving this software’s function, hoping to develop much more new functions according to the users’ feedback. And the “Hidownload”, this software is also highly recommended. Hope the useful software we recommend can bring you a convenient and practical impression.

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