Free up room in your nursery use TWIN COTS from now on
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Free up room in your nursery use TWIN COTS from now on

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Feeling a bit space restricted at home?  Got the old tape measure out trying to work out how you’re going to fit two cots in your nursery? Guess what?  You don’t have to!  Forget the two cot idea, start thinking TWIN COTS instead and look for BUNK COTS that’ll soon solve your problem. 
TWIN COTS are a brilliant space-saving solution for frustrated parents who find it a struggle to furnish a nursery. Think of TWIN COTS as double deck devices that look after the sleeping needs of two children in one.  Older kiddies sleep on the bottom of the TWIN COTS and younger infants sleep in secure top level sections.  They’re quirky, they’re brilliant and TWIN COTS are in the shops right now ready to make your life much easer.
What are the benefits of TWIN COTS?
Know how you’re bending and straining at the moment, lifting your baby out of their cot?  You don’t have this problem with the innovative TWIN COTS, you baby is at the perfect height.  Just walk into the nursery and your baby is within easy reach inside the TWIN COTS, you won’t have to bend over into the cot anymore.  Plus you can monitor them closely when they are asleep in the TWIN COTS, just pop into the nursery and peek straight into the cots, watch them as they snooze under their snugly quilt.
They’ll be no more backache using brilliant Bunk Cots, the sensible sleep solution for households that are a little short on room. 
It’s bigger than I thought
Place two cot beds inside a nursery and you’ll lose tons of floor space straight away.  Start using TWIN COTS stacked safely on top of each other and you’ll create much needed extra space inside the nursery. 
Think about the additional room your kids will have to play with their toys if you decide to put TWIN COTS in their nursery.  Why choke an already congested room when TWIN COTS deliver a proven answer?  As practical accessories go, TWIN COTS are hard to beat and they’re a must for tiny little nurseries.
BUNK COTS are a great idea if you are short on space in the home and a number of professional day nurseries have stared using TWIN COTS as well because they are safe, dependable units that hardly take up any room.

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