Frequent Problems of Roller Press
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Frequent Problems of Roller Press

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1 Giant vibration of roller press’ running Problem: during the operation process, the roller press would be with vibration. Sometimes it would be with strong collision voice. That would be something with extremely thick or thin entry particle, unstable material pressure, poor sustainable feature and higher pressing force. The solution: if the entering material is with extremely thin particle, we should reduce the feeding amount to increase the average diameter of entering material. Then, the distance between rolling-back materials would get larger. At the same time, the sustainability of raw material and stability of stock storage level could be soundly kept. What’s more, roller press should be with proper pressing force.

2 Hydraulic oil system is with abnormal working condition Problem: it may be caused by extremely low pressure, damaged sealing ring and leak oil chamber. The solution: we should keep the hydraulic oil of roller press clean. The relief valve, check valve and every joint part’s sealing ring should be replaced in time if there is any damage.

3 High temperature or giant temperature difference of bearing The systematic lubrication oil of roller press is with automatic oil supply. When starting the machine, the oil supply machine would launch automatic charging for ten minutes. But, the roller press users should frequently check whether the oil bulk is with oil, whether the oil entry is smooth with lubrication oil supply. The reducer filtering network should get frequently cleaned. The recycle water cooling system should be without barrier.

4 Giant gap difference between two rollers Check the balance condition of the hydraulic system in both sides. If the pressure is out of balance, the top part would get slanted. And then, check whether the opening condition of roller valves on stock chamber’s top is the same or not.

5 Roller press surface’s damage The damage of roller press includes: broken curve on roller press surface, roll surface pits and hard roll peeling on wear layer’s surface. During the production process, it is prohibited to put the hard iron items into the roller press:. The break-up machine should be with iron remover on the thick-powder rolling gateway. The recycle pressing of iron items in the roller press should be prevented. If the roller surface is damaged, user should contact the manufacturers immediately and turn to the help of professional wielding repair.

6 Damaged bearing The normal utility period of roller press would be from 8 to 10 years. It would not meet any problem if the lubrication maintenance could be reinforced. User should make sure more chances to act frequently, so the powder milling efficiency of the whole system should be improved.

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