Getting to the Bottom of a Termite Infestation
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Getting to the Bottom of a Termite Infestation

Published by: Jill Hopper (12)
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When you first glance at a termite, you may confuse it for another icky creature - a maggot. Many people falsely assume that a termite is simply the larva of a housefly that is feeding on garbage or some other food source from your home. However, there is a big difference between maggots and termites and termites are far more dangerous to our homes than we think. If you have found a termite in your home, it is very important that you contact a termite control professional for an inspection immediately. Not only is your home and your largest investment at risk, but the health of your family could also be at risk. Follow these tips to discover if you have a termite problem.

Termites and your health

We all know that termites dine on wood and can literally eat you out of house and home, but did you know that termites emit a gas that in very high doses could be dangerous to children and to those in poor health? Termites give off a methane gas as they burrow into your home. In fact, many pest control companies use dogs that can sniff methane to properly diagnose an infestation without having to knock down walls.

Thousands of feet leave thousands of tracks

Other than finding termites on your property, the first sign that many people get that they may have a problem is the presence of tracks on their baseboards and walls. At first, these footprints can look like simple dirt or a trick of the shadows. However, prints left by termites are very real and are a sign that you have issues. Most people notice this problem in low light situations or when they are bent down at an odd angle. They may dismiss what they see, but the reality is that these tracks are a bad sign. Call a termite control expert if you find brown mud tubes on your walls or baseboards.

Knock on wood

Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with a termite issue in your home. They can be a nightmare to deal with and can leave you feeling like your home has been invaded. If you’ve found tracks and you want to do some further investigating, try knocking on your wall to see what sounds you get back. If you knock on a stud and you get a hollow sound back instead of a solid one, you may have a problem.

Not the kind of wings you want

One final tip has to do with the souvenirs that termites leave behind. You can live in a home infested with termites for months without knowing it, but often termites leave behind signs that they are there. In the spring or fall you may see swarming “winged reproductives.“If you are finding these creepy winged creatures (or just wings) everywhere, call a termite control professional at Hopper Environmental Services right away.

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