Go Green When Traveling to Austin Texas
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Go Green When Traveling to Austin Texas

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Whether you are traveling to Austin, Texas on a business trip or for leisurely purposes, if minimizing your carbon footprint is important, you have come to the right place. Austin is known nationwide for its ecologically friendly practices, among not only residents, but also business entities such as hotels. Travelers seeking green hotel Austin locations can rest assured that they will not have to look too far to find what they are looking for.

What it Means to be a Green Hotel

Green Seal Certification makes it easy for travelers to locate eco-friendly hotels in the towns and cities they are visiting. Green Seal certification requires hotels to follow stringent requirements in order to qualify for this label. Green Seal Certification requires that normal business practices include the following:

- Energy conservation
- Water management
- Pollution prevention and reduction
- Waste management
- Overall environmentally friendly procedures and policies

Professional certified inspectors ensure that hotels are maintaining these eco friendly requirements, and that hotels are keeping in compliance with Green Seal standards by performing periodic, random audits.

What to Expect From Green Hotels in Austin

When visitors stay in a certified, green hotel Austin location, they will shower and flush with low flow water saving facilities, and utilize economically friendly tissues and toilet paper supplies. The notepads directory and listing resources within the room will typically only be created with high post-consumer recycled contents.

Cleansers and bathroom amenities will be economically friendly, and guests that are staying for multiple days will able to choose to not have their linens and bedding replaced daily, but rather upon request..

Ideally, eco-friendly accommodations offer glass cups, cloth napkins, and ceramic dishes with food service. Natural bedding is a nice touch, and allergy sufferers appreciate the lack of chemical additives to the sleeping amenities.

To find green hotels in Austin, a simple search of hotels will list many options. However, in order to find environmentally friendly accommodations, which are guaranteed to provide standards that meet the Green Seal, you simply must look for the seal.

Doing even a little can add up to a lot when it comes to eco-friendly, green practices. Travelers can do their part by locating Green Seal Certified hotels wherever they go.

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