Graduates Still Can Obtain Employment in Britain after PSW Visa Canceled
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Graduates Still Can Obtain Employment in Britain after PSW Visa Canceled

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The British government recently declared that it will cancel PSW visas of overseas students. It means that the policy of international students finding jobs or launching commercial campaigns in Britain with a 2-year-validity visa will end up after their graduation.

These international students include those who have achieved bachelor diplomas, postgraduate diplomas and doctoral diplomas. At the preparation meeting which was held in Culture and Education Office of British Embassy in Beijng, relevant directors said that overseas students still had the opportunity to obtain employment in Britain after the PSW visa being canceled and November of every year would be the fastigium of employment.

Officials in the office showed that the cancellation of PSW visas didn’t mean that Britain completely closes the door of seeking employment for overseas students. If graduates can make a qualified employer provide assurance for them and apply for working visas before students’ visas become due, they still can work and live in Britain.

It is said that British companies begin to launch campus talks in succession in various universities and colleges from November every year, aiming to initiate the recruit of next year’s new graduates and this is a good opportunity for overseas students in Britain to know the information about companies in a certain industry, talents requirement and to seek employment opportunities. But for overseas students who only study one year of master degree, they will face the fastigium of employment soon after they enter the university. Therefore, it becomes a challenge for overseas students who intend to work in Britain after graduation to adjust to study early, make full preparation in advance and grasp the opportunity.

Besides, officials in the Culture and Education Office of British Embassy in Beijing showed that if students choose the curricular which is a degree program of more than 6 years, the British laws allow them to do a full-time job during the holiday or do a part-time job in the semester during this period without applying for a working permit.

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