Graffiti and its Evolution
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Graffiti and its Evolution

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Graffiti is not just kids writing on the wall over more than four decades, as art for graffiti evolved much more than that. The journey of graffiti art galleries started from a subculture in New York as the explosion of street art and in its later stage, it became a revolution became a contemporary culture. Here are four key moments in the history of a graffiti art gallery that has pushed art form into the minimal culture: 1. Historic Cave Paintings: Writing on the wall is not something new trace of this can be seen in the ancient times while people were living in the caves. In 1940, a group of French people found painting inside the caves in the southwestern region of France. There were drawings of animals, human figures and abstract signs drawn on the caves dated 17,000 BP this was one of the most prominent prove that man has a tendency to express himself publicly Not just in France graffiti also has its sign in some regions of Italy dating back in 78 B.C. which reads “Gaius Pumidius Diphilus was here.” 2. New York Times Featuring Graffiti: Graffiti has gained loads of public image and attention in the year 1971 when they published an article about a teen graffiti artist TAKI183 overnight this article became the talk of the town. This was the first time in the history where a mainstream publication was talking so loud and clear about the graffiti, taking their life to the public, their inspiration and all how do they do it. All this has also given a major push the entire underground graffiti artist to come in the limelight, display their talent, and spread this amazing talent across the globe. 3. Documentary: Tony silver a renounced a director filmed a documentary titled “Style Wars” in 1983 in collaboration with photographer Henry Chalfant. This has given a vast exposure to New York’s underground Hip-hop and graffiti culture. It has not just shown the life of an artist but it has also projected the laws enforced on them, officials and politicians. Also, opened up for the most heated debate about the vandalism vs artistic expressions. In the year 2009, A.O.Scott has also reviewed the film that this is an amazing work of art because it doesn’t show what the artist is working on. It contains all their spirit and manages to communicate this over the decades all this has made us understand the city, culture, and people more and more that is what makes this city beautiful. 4. Shepard Fairey’s Hope became graffiti art prints for sale Shepard Fairey’s Hope poster of the presidential election in the year 2008. What started as a tribute to the presidential campaign of Barrack Obama became a sensation at the latter stage that has made them the name in every household nation. After being adapted this has become an art form to raise the voice against odds and create the change in the world with just a craft. Hence, this has boost graffiti art prints for sale all over the globe.
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Hi, I am Klaus Scot from Germany. Graffiti is not just kids writing on the wall over more than four decades, as art for graffiti evolved much more than that.
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