Has Your Realtor Given You The Best Advice About WDO Inspections
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Has Your Realtor Given You The Best Advice About WDO Inspections

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With every prospective new home that is purchased, there are a number of inspections that are recommended for the buyers to have done before the papers are signed. The professionals that come in to search the home for potential problems are meant to protect new owners from unexpected catastrophes shortly after the purchase. It can also steer prospective buyers away from a purchase, if the home has serious defects. This is a normal part of the real estate process and something that most realtors will recommend. However, there is one type of inspection that many potential homeowners overlook. If your realtor has not mentioned an investigation for wood eating organisms, then be sure that you speak up.

The Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) Reports for Real Estate Transactions in New Jersey are another form of protection for new buyers. A WDO report is provided after a thorough investigation by a professional New Jersey pest control company. This is something that is either accidentally or intentionally overlooked by the real estate agents around the state. Finding termites or carpenter ants, after all, could ruin the transaction and therefore do away with the commission to be earned.

While general home inspectors do some level of termite inspection as part of their process, they may be unable to thoroughly search the property for the highly destructive pests. Termite control services New Jersey are armed with the experience to find problems with only the smallest of hints as to a problem. In New Jersey it is best to hire only a Wood Destroying Credentialed Inspector. This is an individual who has passed a rigorous training course sponsored by the New Jersey Pest Management Association. It is the only course of its kind in the state.

The average homeowner that discovers termites within the walls of his home can expect to pay more than three thousand dollars to have them removed and have repairs done to damaged structural components. They damage more homes than storms and fires combined. This is something that many people don’t realize, but knowing this further explains the importance of the WDO inspection and report.

Another thing to realize during the real estate transaction process is that you have a right to do this inspection as a buyer. When you choose, pick a credentialed inspector, to investigate the property and, if the report shows evidence of a major WDO problem, you have the right to back out of the deal or to ask that the sellers pay for the removal and repairs. Be careful to choose a respectable and trustworthy company that will treat you and your investment with the upmost respect. After all, you want to be excited, not tormented, by your new home.

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