Have a Blast on the Big Night Before Your Big Day with a Hen Party
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Have a Blast on the Big Night Before Your Big Day with a Hen Party

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Your wedding day is hyped as the most important, incredible, majestic day of your life. Yes, your big day is a big deal but we’re not here to talk about that. No, instead of your big day, we’re here to talk about the night before. A hens night is as much of a staple of the wedding game as the big day itself by this point, and rightfully so! While you might well want everything tied up in a neat bow for your big day, a hens party is your chance to let your hair down a little, enjoy yourself, and, just as importantly, let off some steam. Let’s be honest; for as lovely as weddings themselves can be, planning them can be a real pain. After the stress of having to deal with that, a night out with your friends before the pomp and circumstance of the big day might be just what the doctor ordered! Here, then, are a few hens party ideas to help you get going with your big night before the big day! Decoration Ideas Once again, let’s be honest. After all that wedding planning and decorating your wedding hall from top to bottom, you’ve probably had your fill of “decorating ideas” for a while. That’s why the best decorating ideas for hen parties are as accessible and low maintenance as they are fun. What’s more, the vibrant, bold, glittery colours at play in the streamers, tablecloths, and other decorating items can mark a refreshing change from the more “proper” whites, creams, and other finery of your wedding day. This night is about fun and the best such decorations for hen nights reflect that. Enticing Edibles In addition to those bold decorating ideas, you’ll naturally want to serve up some enticing edibles for your hen night. Here again, though, you’ve probably had your fill of having to deal with complicated catering orders what with your wedding cake and other entrees for your big day. That’s why the best hen night edibles keep it simple with sugar, spice, and all manner of nice, easy to make or bake items. What’s more, some edibles come with special moulds to allow you to shape your foodstuffs into fun shapes to fit the light-hearted theme of the evening. Party Favours Who doesn’t love a party favour? The best hen night party favours, as with the edibles and decorations, are playful and full of fun. From sashes and sweets to “bridal stress balls” (an essential giveaway if ever there was one!), these party favours can add to the humorous tone of the evening. Have yourself a ball on the big night before your big day with the best hen night party ideas.
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