Have no Ending of the Youth Love
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Have no Ending of the Youth Love

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He likes her. Maybe she likes him, too. However, when do they meet, when do they begin to chat, and when do they begin to miss each other. There is no exact time. It seems all development is so natural.

They are in the same school, but in different classes. So they do not often meet, but they often chat. They are very good friends, while male and female friends will always be with like components. They have a lot in common. They like the quiet, and they have a common interest, as well as they have a common topic.

But they could not be together. He was born in rural areas, but she was born in Beijing, such a large city. Different environments create a different personality and different pursuits. After graduation he thought he would go to a small town, even rural areas. Because he does not like big city, which is full of prosperity and bustle, he does not like to run around busily for money. Well, she grows up in the city, and perhaps she is no longer possible to leave her city, because she is so fragile. Maybe she does not want to, but she can only stay in that city and bustle is the main theme of her life.

They have not really attracted to talk. Before he goes, he wants to have no regret. So he comes out with a walk around her. When coming together, they feel so intimate and so beautiful. But how will they really think? Then he frankly talks to her. He says he has to go, but he is very fond of her now. She silently follows him, from time to time replies him. Finally, they hug and leave. Maybe they cannot meet forever. Maybe when they meet later, they have married other people. 

Some love has no end, some people just pass through, and some experience cannot continue, but they will never forget. This is the first love, which is so beautiful. Even if two people cannot be together, but it also gives each other left a deep and wonderful memories. Well, not perfect love can hurt people; it will live in their heart. When you think of it, the heart would be particularly painful, as if anything cannot fill it. So, if you have lover, please cherish he or she.

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