Health Insurance Policy To Safeguard Life
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Health Insurance Policy To Safeguard Life

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It can’t be gainsaid that a buying a health insurance policy renders the insured a lot of benefits. From covering illnesses to giving cashless access to expensive medical treatment, a Medicare policy serves a lot. In fact, the medical policy safeguards life of the insured medically without requiring the insured pay anything in return of the medical treatment. But the insured certainly has to pay premium to the company from where he/she has purchased the medical policy. If the insured doesn’t pay the premium, there will be no covers for anything. That means the policy collapses.

It has been said that the health insurance policy is futile for healthy people. There are people who think that buying a health plan is useless expenditure especially on the condition when you are physically hit and fit. But this is a conservative thought which is not relevant considering cost of medication soars higher and higher day by day. In fact, a medical policy, in its true sense, is a kind of insurance that provides you financial help at the time when one of the sicknesses put you into hospital and you wait for paying a huge amount of money for the treatment. This is the main and most important feature of any health plan.

We purchase medical policy so that we don’t have to pay for medicinal treatment on our own. There are many health insurance companies in India that can cater your need greatly. There are different types of medical policy available in the market. For instance, if you are a single person, it is good to opt for individual health insurance. Similarly for those who have family, it is good to go for family floater plan.

In fact, this type of plan covers health of entire family members while the premium outgo is for single plan. For elderly, it is good to opt for senior citizen policy plan. There are also people who go for critical illness plan. This type of health insurance plan covers treatment of only those illnesses which are of critical nature such as cancer, cardiovascular disease or others.

Therefore, the importance of living an insured life lends it gravity on the medical emergency. With a Medicare plan, you don’t have to worry for medical bills. The insurer comes and settles down the bill. However, Medicare policy has also its subjective terms and conditions. You can’t avail the facility right away if you are hospitalized in non-network hospital. It is must for every insured to get treated in network hospital of the insurer. Reimbursement is not provided if the insured specified illness proves as one of the preexisting medical conditions.

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