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Health Insurance Portability In India

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If you are a cell phone user, you might have received message from your network company saying that you can switch to another network service provider without affecting the existing mobile number. The health insurance portability functions on the same principle of portability. It authorises a policyholder to swift another medical service provider while there will be not any adverse effect on the benefits that the existing mediclaim service providers render.

What it actually means?

Just as the mobile portability ensures you shift to another service provider without changing your mobile number, the health insurance portability ensures shift to another healthcare service provider while benefits with previous medical policy remain unchanged. For example, if existing policy of 3 years doesn’t cover expenses for knee replacement surgery in the first 2 years of the policy, after the portability, the new health plan can cover the expenses from the first year of the plan.

You should understand that it is prerogative to the new health care service provider whether to provide you coverage for the expenses as mentioned above. Hence if the new insurer denies providing the service, you can’t have coverage for that treatment. Most of the time, the health insurance portability concept seems theoretical option as many health care service providers offer such services willingly rather than commercial obligation. This is the reason why people should choose a company that can provide you cover for pre-existing condition after portability.

The concept of medical policy portability came into being followed by IRDA or Central Government and Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, in an effort to improve service delivery in healthcare service industries, launched the portability scheme. The scheme contributed a lot to protect the insured persons from bearing loss on pre-existing condition coverage.

The idea of medical insurance portability is preferred by those policyholders who are not satisfied with the service of current insurer. The idea is also welcoming for those who have pre-existing medical disorders or those who have to shift to new location where service of previous health care firm is not present.

There are a lot of features with this portability system of health plan. It is convenient and ensures total safety to the insured person in the long run. However it may seem inappropriate if the new company is unwilling to cover you for the pre-existing conditions. This is the reason why people are advised to search those healthcare service providers who cover for hospitalisation expenses against the treatment of pre existing medical conditions.

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