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Helpful Tips for Staying Cockroach Free From EcoFirst

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Is there a more a gross and disgusting pest in the world than a cockroach? This menace has been with humanity as long as we’ve had fire and despite the best efforts of people everywhere, it doesn’t appear that the roach is going anywhere. If you are experiencing a roach problem, call Eco First Pest Control to take care of the problem immediately. If you are just starting to see a roach or two around your home, follow these steps to help end your concern before it really starts to bug you.


Roaches enter into your home for two main reasons: to keep warm during cold winter months and for a meal. In fact, roaches would likely be one of the first species to die out in cold weather cities if humans weren’t around since they rely on us to keep warm. We can’t do anything about the warmth issue, but you can work to cut off their food supply. Take a look at how you are keeping your garbage. Is it strewn around? Are bags getting attacked by raccoons or other animals? This lack of sanitation is likely attracting roaches. Get some raccoon-proof outdoor garbage cans and your issue may begin to recede.

If you are finding roaches in your home, take a moment to think about where you are finding them. Are they in your cabinets when you open them? Are they under your sink? Do you always find them in the same room over and over again? You are likely stumbling upon them as they eat or as they enter your home. Follow these leads and you’ll be one step closer to ridding yourself of them. Check for cracks in your walls and repair them. Look for loose fittings around door and windows. Clean up any loose food that you have anywhere. Don’t store food items in bags that can be ripped or chewed through. Don’t store anything without a lid on it. This initial investment is a small price to invest, and if you remove the open food elements from your home, the bugs will eventually go somewhere else.

One problem that many folks run into who live in apartments is that the food source is coming from a neighbor who doesn’t take cleanliness as seriously as you do. In this case, you can either try talking to that person or speak to the landlord. If all else fails, you may need to ultimately end up moving. It is a high price to pay, but if the source of the problem isn’t addressed, the problem simply will not go away.

Of course, you can always call Eco First Pest Control to take care of all your pest control problems. Their team of experts can pinpoint the problem and use pet-friendly solutions that can rid your home of roaches for good. Best of all, they’ll show you where the problem is coming from and how you can take steps to end any future bug issues. You can trust these dedicated professionals at Eco First Pest Control to do the job right the first time.

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