History of Suratgarh and About the Places of interest in Suratgarh
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History of Suratgarh and About the Places of interest in Suratgarh

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Suratgarh had been a significant arena of historical incidences in the ancient past. Around 3000 BC Suratgarh is believed to be a lush green being place due to presence and fusion of two big rivers, Sarasvati and Drishvati. Present sand dunes use to possess various botanical and zoological species within the basins of chaste Sarasvati and Drishvati. Emergence of Kalibanga and Barod civilizations were facilitated by the geographical and environmental complementary of Sarasvati and Suratgarh had been a noteworthy testimony of the same. The traces of ancient civilization near Rangmahal, Manaksaar and Amarpura, shows the historical significance of Suratgarh where Sarasvati civilization has receded after the 1500 Years of stability.

Suratgarh started developing by leaps and bounds in the rule of Maharaja Ganga Singh who build a hunting lodge at Suratgarh and ensured connectivity of Suratgarh to train service. Hanumangarh and Bikaner came under Suratgarh District when it was served with the patronage of being a district at the same time. Establishment of Ganga canal in 1927 helped Suratgarh to develop which became a city after partition when various refugees from Pakistan came in and started settling over here. Suratgarh Central State Farm was established in 1956 followed with establishment of Indira Gandhi Canal project and Central Animal Reproduction Farm in 60s. Meanwhile and air and military base station, Akashvani and various offices has been established. Suratgarh Thermal Power Station has also started working from 3 November 1998 and this laid down one more milestone in the historic and developmental stairs of Suratgarh city.
It has a thermal power plant of 1500 MW and a PLF of 93%, which has won an award for one of the best operated plants in India.
The industry experienced an acute growth with the construction of thermal power plant and its residential buildings. Since then the industry has been growing at a fast pace. With the reducing demands as a result of completion of the thermal power plant project, bricks from Suratgarh are now supplied to various parts of Rajasthan especially to the districts of Churu and Jhunjhunu.
Places of interest in and around Suratgarh
1.    Khejri Hanuman Temple
2.    Suratgarh Super Thermal power Station
3.    The Bridwal Head
4.    Suratgarh Central State Farm :
Khejri Hanuman Temple:- Khejri Hanuman Temple is very beautiful temple in Suratgarh.
Suratgarh Super Thermal power Station: - Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Station...a great electricity production project...This generating station operated and maintained by Rajasthan Rajya Vidhyt Utpadan Nigam Limited is renowed in the country for their outstanding performance. Suratgarh TPS - “The Pride of Rajasthan“, is recognized amongst the best-efficient and reputed power station in the country.
Suratgarh Central State Farm : Suratgarh Central State Farm is said to be Asia’s Biggest and largest Agriculture farm. It is the first effort of State Farms Corporation of India Limited (SFCI).
In 1956, when first mechanized farm was established in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan with the machinery gifted by erstwhile USSR on the eve of the visit of Marshal Bulganin.
The Bridwal Head :- Main crops of this area are cotton,wheat and mustard. One thing this area is very famous for is Kinnu(a variant of orange). For the past decade, farmers of this region are facing tough times. There main cash crop, cotton has almost collapsed.....The following pic is of Birdhwal headworks at Suratgarh from where water is released for irrigation to areas coming under the first phase of the Indira Gandhi Nahar Project

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