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Home video monitoring demand high operating costs not

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If you go out in the outside, can through the computer or mobile phones to check the real-time image, and home family face to face communication, and about the family; When the thief stealing home invasion, the home surveillance cameras equipment to district surveillance cameras to send signals, and through the center of mobile short message, the telephone inform residents.

Only use cell phones or computers, home appliances of operation and home to the owner the abnormal situation relay. All this should be attributed to the family video surveillance cameras system. Home video surveillance cameras through the surveillance camera, will appear home the unusual situation of feedback to the owner and property management personnel, convenient its rapid processing industry and reduce casualties and property losses.

Although the new family surveillance cameras operation mode in our country appear time is not long, and related products, operation mode is not very mature. However, with the market demand growth, the 3 G network continues to mature, running down prices... The family network monitoring camera industry will presents the fast growth the situation.

Market demand is gradually exuberant video monitoring, from its birth day, be with Banks, card coupons institutions, public security system and other industries has the indissoluble bond, is widely used in each bank branch, prisons and other places. However, with the continuous improvement of the income level of resident, all of the ego to protect consciousness gradually strengthened, video monitoring system is no longer confined to special industry. Many people start in the home video monitoring system, ensure the installation of their property and life safety, which gave birth to the a huge family monitoring market, many security monitoring products began to enter the average family.

Live in Beijing chaoyang district of a residential area, hu, some time ago appear, theft, home worth items ransacked. In order to avoid similar events, she is ready to install an intelligent home video monitoring system. At present, the society has the same idea and hu, who is not a few.

The statistics show that in the past two years, the personal security market demand is gradually enlarged, safety industry this year the civil market scale will achieve 60 billion yuan, associated with video monitoring the family of sales of the products and the total number of sales will account for 30% of the whole civil market scale, and the years of growth % speed will remain in the 20% above. The Chinese academy of sciences, said the research fellow of the automation k. family security products in Europe and the United States and other developed area is more welcome (safe home security), personal monitor market and industry video monitor market, public video monitor market surveillance industry in the whole of the three pillars of form in the situation.

China household monitor market though just start, but the security products protect family in safety (security officer equipment), crime prevention cannot be underestimated, play a role for individual users family security products has huge potential demand, the market would be like Europe, America and other places, like video monitoring products for growth of the main sales market. 3 G network support in the family provides monitoring of the market continues to expand the scale, and has a close connection with the 3 G network began to popular rise, to the popularization of family monitoring provide powerful information transmission “support“.

Appear on the market now the 3 G network, is a new type of network by China mobile, td-scdma, China telecom, China unicom CDMA2000 WCDMA network platform, video, etc, then the image DuoZhong signal transmission to the end user. The 3 G network has transmission distance, speed, strong anti-interference ability, improve the advantage of security monitoring the conveniences and flexibility (security officer equipment), expand the scope of the video monitor.from:cctv security equipment

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